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HubSpot vs Pardot MAS (Which Is Better for Lead Nurturing?)

Why should you care about marketing automation systems (MAS)?

marketing automation system is a tool that combines many...

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Topics: marketing strategy, marketing automation, lead nurturing

How to Use Email to Generate ECommerce Sales

For many eCommerce businesses, retaining new customers is every bit as big of a challenge as attracting their attention in the...

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Topics: marketing automation, ecommerce, lead nurturing

What We're Talking About. . . Abandoned Cart Emails

Whether it be distraction, frustration, or apprehension - the number of abandoned carts for eCommerce is sky high. With...

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Topics: Email Marketing, ecommerce, email automation

HubSpot vs Klaviyo: Side-by-Side Email Marketing Software Review

Countless companies have been entering the playing field with marketing automation software products in recent years, and the...

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Topics: Email Marketing, marketing automation, email automation

What We're Talking About. . . The Dos and Do NOTs of Email Automation

Happy Autumn-ation!

Ahhhh email automation, you help us marketers so much. You save us time, effort, and make sure our...

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Topics: Email Marketing, marketing automation, email automation