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Case Studies
The Proof is in The Pudding

Chuao Chocolatier

Although successfully established in the retail space, Chuao was looking for guidance with their distribution on the web. They actualized a 316% increase in cyber monday email revenue compared to the previous year with marketing automation, email promotions and cart abandonment promotions. Learn More


Increase in Revenue

Planet Together

PlanetTogether’s sales cycles were 6-12 months and their sales process was high touch. They achieved a 300% increase in sales, a shortened 3 month sales cycle, and a 325% increase in leads all by converting their organic website traffic. Learn More


Increase in Leads


Traffic to the MoneyThumb website was healthy but conversions to purchase were subpar. After 2 months, they achieved a 50% increase in revenue by implementing conversion optimization, lead nurturing and marketing automation. Learn More


Increase in Revenue


EHLI had a recently launched eCommerce website with heavy paid traffic but were actualizing no sales. In 60 days, conversion rate optimization activities took the website from producing marginal monthly sales to six figures. Learn More


Increase in Monthly Sales

We Olive

As a franchiser with brick and mortar locations to manage across the country, We Olive was struggling to produce sales online. They were able to increase their cyber Monday revenue by 30% over the previous year and double their email subscriber list with marketing automation, premium content and promotional email and social campaigns. Learn More


Increase in Email Subscribers


Following a traditional B2B approach to sales, PortVision originally had 1 form on their website and it was “Contact Us.” Today the website has several funnels that have been developed over the past few years. Each specific to a product or service offering. Overall lead flow has doubled with more than 80% of leads qualified for a sales discussion PortVision’s innovative marketing practices helped catch the attention of Oceaneering International, a 3 Billion Dollar global corporation. Eventually Oceaneering acquired PortVision.


Increase in Leads

Oaks Christian School

Oaks Christian School’s online division was experiencing low lead conversion from their paid channels as well as low quality sales conversations. Campaign Creators redesigned their landing pages and added a top of the funnel downloadable offering that educated Oaks Christian leads, then we followed up with an email drip. This new funnel was layered on top of their bottom of the funnel offer for an informational session. The BoFu landing page now converts at 27% and Oaks Christian is planning to launch more campaigns.


BoFu Conversions