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Launching Websites Quickly With an Iterative Design Approach

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Iterative Web Design Minimizes Risks

Traditional web design carries high initial costs and substantial time investments. Iterative design spreads your costs over time, allowing you to make data-driven, business-aligned decisions. You'll avoid having to pay one sum and waiting months for a final version.

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Iterative Web Design Allows for Continuous Improvement

Traditional web design is often based on assumptions about how users will engage, what features will resonate, and how effectively the site will convert. Iterative design is based on user insight - and works to continually test, adapt and evolve a site for continuous improvement.

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Iterative Web Design Provides Insights to Marketing and Sales

Insights gained from web user behavior can be made accessible to both marketing and sales teams enabling them to make real-time strategic decisions for improvement.

What’s a Launch Pad Website?

A launch pad website is an improved version of your current site, but it is not the final product. The goal is to launch quickly, but to optimize intentionally over time.

Launch pad websites allow you to see results now, collect user-data throughout the process, and use that data to build a website that continues to out-perform itself.

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Our Process

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In order to gather the information needed for a successful Launchpad Website, our team works collaboratively with you to align on your online goals and objectives. The following items will be discussed in detail during the initial kickoff meeting:

  • Business strategy overview
  • Buyer personas
  • Competitor information
  • Industry overview
  • KPIs
  • Branding standards
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Our preferred platform for Launchpad Websites is on HubSpot. They offer a variety of enterprise quality, customizable themes that you can choose from for your website.


In order to set consistent branding standards and build a scalable brand, Campaign Creators recommends going through the process of creating a Style Guide. The following items are included:

  • Typography based logo
  • Logo variations
  • Primary and secondary colors
  • Typography hierarchy
  • Favicon
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This is when the heavy lifting comes in. All pages will be constructed and customized to the newly established brand standards.

Quality assurance

Launch pad websites aren't meant to have every page, feature, or functionality that you could possibly desire.  We use this strategic meeting to review the website with you, as well as create a backlog of items for the next iterations.

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The culmination of our efforts. We will launch the website equipped with the tools to monitor, analyze, and iterate on the website.

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445% increase in traffic to party booking engine

Get Air, an indoor trampoline park, struggled to increase revenue online for a number of reasons. Campaign Creators delivered a custom marketing solution that gave their overall brand a refresh, generating the digital marketing ROI and online sales Get Air had always dreamed of.

Website Before and Afters


FP Complete

FP Complete, a DevOps and software engineering business, came to us with the need to upgrade their online presence to reflect their enterprise positioning.

Timeline: 8 Weeks



FP Complete

Their new launch pad website not only has an upgraded look and feel, it now produces more than 7x their historical monthly lead flow.

Timeline: 8 months after launch

  • 114% increase in organic traffic
  • 774% increase in leads

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Bird Rock Systems

BirdRock Systems, an IT Company, was in need of a modernized website that was responsive to mobile and included more opportunities for lead generation.

Bird Rock website before


Bird Rock Systems

They now leverage their launch pad website and marketing automation to generate and nurture a steady flow of quality leads each month.

After launch:

  • Website grade increased from 67 to 95
  • 10/10 score for mobile optimization

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“I wanted to create an eCommerce store, but I couldn’t do it alone and Campaign Creators really helped us.”

Ashton Goodell

CMO, Get Air Trampoline Parks

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