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Welcome to the Lead Nurturing Masterclass! Over the next 10 lessons, you will be getting a crash course in lead nurturing, as well as all of the tips, tools, and resources you need to implement an out-of-this-world lead nurturing strategy that will have your leads eager to engage and excited to convert to longtime customers.

Now, we know lead nurturing is a priority for marketers like you. In fact, according to HubSpot’s Global State of Inbound Report, 69% of marketers say converting leads into customers is their top priority. While an additional 29% of marketers want to reduce the cost per customer acquisition. 




And given that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 66% of the cost (Forrester), investing in lead nurturing seems like a no brainer. 

Why then have 65% of B2B marketers failed to establish lead nurturing and only 29% of brands nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase?

We have a hunch! Likely because lead nurturing is complicated, much more so than lead generation. And, there has been no one there to guide them through the process. That’s where this masterclass comes in. 

The content featured in this masterclass comes from nearly a decade of working on the front lines of digital marketing to help companies convert their subscribers and leads into customers with lead nurturing. This has allowed us to reduce cost per customer acquisition, speed up sales cycles, increase customer lifetime value and generate revenue for our clients. 

Now, we are sharing our secrets with you!

The following lessons are here to turn you into a lead nurturing master:

Lesson 1: Introduction To Lead Nurturing Strategy

In this lesson, we lay the foundation for crafting your lead nurturing strategy, from defining exactly what lead nurturing is to the benefits it will bring to your business. Not sure if you are ready for lead nurturing? We cover that too.

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Lesson 2: The Lead Nurturing Process

In this lesson, we get into the meat of the nurturing process, including the “why”, “who”, and the “how”. Starting with proper goal setting and deciding who to nurture and ending with mapping your buyer’s journey—the foundation of any lead nurturing campaign.

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Lesson 3: Marketing Automation For Lead Nurturing

In this lesson, we discuss the important role marketing automation plays in the lead nurturing process. We cover the 6 signs that you can benefit from marketing automation, how to choose the right platform for your business, and the role that specific marketing automation features play in the lead nurturing process.

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Lesson 4: Lead Nurturing Tactics

In this lesson, we dive into the specific tactics you can utilize to guide leads through their buyer’s journey—from casual beginnings staged at the top of your funnel with, to being ready to purchase at the bottom of it. Not sure what role your website, email marketing, or retargeting should play in lead nurturing? We cover that, and more.

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Lesson 5: Lead Nurturing Emails

In this lesson, you will learn the ins and outs of lead nurturing emails. We begin by going over the best practices that apply to the main components of your nurturing emails. Next, we cover testing and optimization to improve open and click-through rates. And we round out the lesson with templates and examples of successful nurturing emails to guide and inspire you.

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Lesson 6: Lead Nurturing Campaigns

In this lesson, we’ll dive into how to craft a lead nurturing campaign that guides leads through their buyer’s journey towards a purchase from your company. This includes creating offers catered to your target audience at every stage of their journey, maximizing the conversion rates of your landing pages, and connecting it all with email sequences that progressively nurture leads towards buying from you.

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Lesson 7: Lead Nurturing Campaign For B2B

In this lesson, you’ll learn to create a lead nurturing campaign specifically for the realm of selling business-to-business (B2B), where you are typically dealing with longer sales cycles, multiple decision makers, and more complicated products. 

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Lesson 8: Lead Nurturing Campaign For B2C And ECommerce

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a lead nurturing campaign for your eCommerce or business-to-customer (B2C) business where sales cycles are typically shorter, customer databases are larger, and buyer behavior is more fickle. 

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Lesson 9: Testing And Optimizing Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

In this lesson, we teach you to analyze your lead nurturing campaign to identify optimization opportunities, prioritize opportunities, and conduct proper experiments to test their effectiveness.

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Lesson 10: Lead Nurturing Best Practices

In this lesson, we wrap up the Lead Nurturing Masterclass with best practices for you to keep in mind as you embark on creating a lead nurturing strategy for your company.

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