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We help B2B companies efficiently generate, nurture, and close leads.

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Generate More Qualified Sales Leads

Communicating value in the B2B space can be often challenging. With the right content and lead generation strategy, you can attract high quality leads who are more likely to purchase.

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Convert Leads to Customers – Quicker

Shorten your sales cycle by entering your leads into nurture campaigns. By consistently serving your leads the right content at the right time, you can help leads make a more informed decision, faster.

Save Your Sales Team's Efforts for Leads Ready to Purchase

Automation and personalization has made it possible for sales processes to be hands-off, up until a lead is actually ready to purchase. Save your nurture efforts for automation, so that your sales team can take on the critical activity of closing deals.

We help B2B companies grow and sell by integrating and automating

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Lead Generation

We turn your website traffic into contacts in your database. As these contacts continue to interact with your company, each activity will be stored in their contact history. Based on their engagement, we use technology to segment these leads so they can be effectively nurtured through your sales funnel.


Nurturing Leads

A new lead in your database does not automatically equal a sale. We build lead nurturing campaigns that educate your leads and allow them to progress on their own buyer’s journey, but still with your brand. The more they're nurtured and educated, the more you'll receive qualified leads.

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Sales Consulting

Warm leads need to be sold differently than hard prospected leads. Sales teams need the right technology and insights to effectively and efficiently communicate with leads. We help supercharge sales teams with efficient processes and technology that supports their needs.

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PlanetTogether needed help generating and nurturing leads into sales, quicker

PlanetTogether struggled to bring in new, quality leads and turn them into customers due to their high-touch sales cycle. Campaign Creators implemented a content strategy and launched four complete funnels that automated their sales-cycle, resulting in a 325% increase in leads, 300% increase in sales, and shortening their sales cycle from 9 months to 3-6 months.

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Tools & Tactics We Use

Premium Content Offers

The primary purpose of these offers are to generate leads for your business. We give leads these offers in exchange for their contact information, submitted through a form. We will create offers based on your target market, including ebooks, checklists, webinars, case studies, demos, templates, and tools.

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Landing Pages

We use landing pages, a website page containing a form, as a place to capture leads. This page serves to collect visitor’s information they gladly hand over in exchange for your premium content offer, such as an ebook or a webinar. Our landing pages are strategically designed for your leads to understand the offer, increasing the likelihood for conversion.

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Marketing Automation & Workflows

Marketing automation can turn any prospective lead into a customer with lead nurturing. Using technology, such as workflows, your leads can be automatically segmented and sent targeted emails based on criteria you decide. We make sure your Marketing Automation System and workflows are set up so that your leads receive the right information at the right time.

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Website Pop-ups

Website pop-ups are strategically placed on your website to provide relevant offers to users at the moment they are most likely to convert. Pop-ups maximize the chances of converting your website traffic into new leads and customers.

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Funnel Optimization

We constantly monitor and analyze your campaign funnels to identify any bottle necks that are preventing optimal performance. Using insights from our data, we insert new pieces and/or improve current pieces to continuously optimize campaign results.

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Drip Emails

Drip emails are a series of emails sent over time to nurture a lead from one stage of the buyer’s journey to another. We also use these emails to re-engage “lost” leads who may not have been ready to purchase at the time, but are ready now.

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Customer Relationship Management systems store and organize all relevant contact data, helping you keep track of every opportunity through every step of the funnel. We help you set up and create a strategy to manage the contacts in your CRM system so that it supports your sales strategy and funnel.

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Reporting & Analytics

We help you create customized reports that allow you to view any metric from your MAS, CRM or other integrated apps. Whether its high-level business metrics for your executives or more granular metrics for your sales and marketing teams, custom reports help your team keep your goals top of mind. We also look at the data of your marketing initiatives to analyze trends and develop actionable insights for better-informed marketing decisions. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your ROI.

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