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7 Highly Effective Strategies to Increase Your eCommerce Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

For every eCommerce business, there are important KPIs to track: number of orders, revenue, profits, etc. However, there’s one...

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HubSpot Competitors: How Does Klaviyo Compare?

The competition is high for email marketing software due to countless companies entering the playing field each year. As...

( read 9 minute read )

Topics: HubSpot, marketing technology, ECommerce Marketing

Using Third Party Sites for ECommerce

Third party sites for eCommerce businesses come in all shapes and sizes; all with different benefits, functions and features....

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Topics: ECommerce Marketing,

Introducing Express by Campaign Creators: Marketing Templates and Workflows for HubSpot

Data never lies. But it can certainly be puzzling. 

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Topics: lead generation, marketing automation, conversion rate optimization

Statistics on Consumer Behavior Trends During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

As consumers continue to adjust to the Coronavirus pandemic, economic climates are also bringing in a new wave of consumer...

( read 5 minute read )

Topics: ECommerce Marketing,

What You Need to Know About Location-based ECommerce Marketing

Successful marketing for eCommerce involves understanding where your target market is located and using insights about them to...

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