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What We're Talking About...HTML vs Plain Text Emails

There are an estimated 250 billion emails sent per day. So, it is to no surprise that email is one of the most popular forms...

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email Optimization, conversion rate optimization

Best Practices for Your Re-Engagement Campaign

Re-engagement is a technique used by marketers to reach out to leads who were at some point interested in and engaged with...

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Topics: lead generation, Email Marketing, lead nurturing

Email Testing To Improve Open Rates

Welcome to Part 2 in our series on Email Testing. In Part 1 of our series, we covered the top 3 things you should be testing...

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email Optimization, lead nurturing

Email Testing to Improve Deliverability

There are over 270 Billion emails sent every single day (Radicati Group). And that brings us to the purpose of this video...

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email Optimization, lead nurturing

Best Practices for Email Marketing Content

Over 122 billion emails are sent every hour. Yes, that’s correct. Billion. So with all these messages cluttering inboxes...

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Topics: Email Marketing, email campaigns, content marketing

Blueprint for an Automated B2B Lead Nurturing Campaign

Welcome to Part 2 of our Blueprint for a Lead Nurturing Campaign series! If you missed Part 1, be sure to get up to speed by...

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Topics: Email Marketing, marketing automation, B2B Marketing