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What We're Talking About...Reducing Bounce and Exit Rates

Chances are, you're already tracking the bounce rates for your web pages, since they're one of the most insightful...

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Topics: ecommerce, conversion rate optimization, b2b lead generation

What We're Talking About...Copywriting for Optimizing Conversions

Every day, more than 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared.

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Topics: lead generation, copywriting, ecommerce

What We're Talking About...Duplicate Content

Believe it or not, Google can get confused. How? When it encounters duplicate content when determining what to rank for a...

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Topics: SEO, Google Analytics, ecommerce

What We're Talking About...Making Better Use of Google Analytics

Ever heard of Peter Drucker?

He's known as the man who invented modern business management, and for this quote:

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Topics: Google Analytics, conversion rates, ecommerce

What We're Talking About... E-Commerce Marketing Technology Stacks

Remember when we covered B2B Marketing tech stacks? Well, now we're back to give you the rundown on E-Commerce marketing...

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Topics: marketing automation, ecommerce, martech

What We're Talking About. . . Abandoned Cart Emails

Whether it be distraction, frustration, or apprehension - the number of abandoned carts for eCommerce is sky high. With...

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Topics: Email Marketing, ecommerce, email automation