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How We Used Content Pillar Playbooks to Boost Organic Traffic

Just to prove I'm not making an outlandish, clickbait-claim in the title, let’s cut straight to a screen shot of our web...

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Topics: SEO, content marketing, content strategy

What We're Talking About...The Death of Social Media Organic Reach

Before 2012, it was easy for brands to reach their audience through social media. And the best part? It was all free and...

( read 3 minute read )

Topics: blogging, SEO, Social Engagement

What We're Talking About...Duplicate Content

Believe it or not, Google can get confused. How? When it encounters duplicate content when determining what to rank for a...

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Topics: SEO, Google Analytics, ECommerce

What We're Talking About...The Voice Search Revolution

There is no doubt that the way we interact with technology is changing. We can now simply pick up our iPhone and say “Hey,...

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Topics: lead generation, SEO,

2017 Google Algorithm Updates: A Year in Review & What You Need to Do

If I could sum up the last year of google updates in three words it would be: Quality, UX, Mobile. There was a huge crackdown...

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Topics: lead generation, SEO,

What We're Talking About. . . Google Algorithm Updates

Google: the king, the reigning champ, the go-to for any question from “what time does the Chargers game start?” to “how do I...

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Topics: lead generation, SEO, Awareness

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