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Email Marketing

The lead nurturing tactic that produces a 400% return on investment.

Promotional Emails

We craft promotional emails that drive revenues and engagement with your brand. The copy and design of our promotional emails move the reader quickly through a persuasive process towards taking the desired action, whether that’s a sale, a download, or sign-up. 

Our promotional emails produced a 242% increase in email revenue for our client VitaCup. 

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Drip emails are a smart investment, often generating open rates around 80% higher and click-through-rates 3 times higher than single sends. Whether your goal is nurturing new leads, retaining customers, or increasing brand awareness, our drip emails will get you there. 

Our 21 email drip series that successfully rewarmed 8.73% of Malta Development's dormant leads.

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Triggered EMAIls

Triggered emails, like welcome, abandon cart, or free trial series, are sent in response to an action taken by your subscriber, making them more relevant and timely. This creates a better customer experience and hence improved conversions.

Our triggered email series increased nurture email open rates for Portvision from 20% to 34%.

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Nurture Emails

Our nurturing emails use the power of automated workflows to trigger the send of emails based on the actions a subscriber has with you, creating a personalized experience. Nurturing emails can speed up sales cycles and lower the cost per customer acquisition.

We practice what we preach. Our 31 automated nurturing emails have an average click-through-rate of 33.93%. Ask us how we do it!

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SMS messaging is another powerful way to stay engaged with and connected to your prospects in a fresh way. In fact...

  • 77% of consumers are open to receiving valuable text messages from businesses.
  • 9 out of 10 SMS messages are opened and read 
  • 83% of all SMS messages opened within three minutes



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