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How to Increase Online Sales With Conversion Optimization Tools

How to Increase Online Sales With Conversion Optimization Tools

Did you know that you can increase your online conversions by using website analytics and testing tools? If you answered yes, then the more important question might be: Do you know what tools you need to do this?

There are countless eCommerce marketing tools now available to aid you in conversion rate optimization. You can pick one or several tools based on your purpose, budget, and knowledge (of HTML for example). You can choose free tools if you have a limited campaign budget, tools with colorful analysis reports if you are a visual person or tools with no coding and installation requirements if you know nothing about programming. 

Here's a basic breakdown of 3 types of tools you can use to effectively increase your online conversions and improve your overall eCommerce marketing outcomes.



Website testing tools

If you want to improve traffic and conversion by changing website design, website testing tools are best for you. These tools allow you to conduct A/B or Multivariate testing. In that way, you will have a better understanding about how the different elements like text, layouts, images and colors have impact on your conversion, which can lead to higher profit for your online business.

Here are just a few favorites for website testing tools:

  • Google Analytic's A/B Testing Tool - A totally free option, but that proce tag comes with a steep learning curve,
  • Optimizely - Offers split, multivariate, and mobile testing at a low starting price point.
  • Visual Website Optimizer - Goes beyond A/B Testing to include multivariate tests, usability tests, conversion tracking, heatmaps, and more.
  • Unbounce - Focused purely on lanong pages with 80+ pre-designed, optimized landing page templates.
  • KISSMetrics - Connects reports and testing to real people, who are tracked across their interactions with your website.
  • Crazy Egg - The best entry-level option at $9 per month. 



Website analytic tools

If you want to find out your website’s strengths and weaknesses, you need to use analytic tools. They can help you understand your visitors better including who they are, where they are coming from and how they use your site in order to determine hotspots and weak areas of your website. It also can check whether your search, marketing and landing pages convert.

Here are a few favorite tools when it comes to website analytic:

  • Google Analytics (again) - They are the king when it comes to this stuff!
  • Piwik - Free open source platform which gives you complete control over your data.
  • KISSMetrics - Helps you analyze changes in user's behavior on your site.
  • Woopra - Allows you to have live chat with visitors and create customized dashboards for each user. 



Speech analytics tools

If your business relies largely on telephone marketing and sales, then speech analytics tools can help you manage, track and analyze every phone call. Speech analytics software mines and analyzes audio data, detecting things like emotion, tone and stress in a customer's voice, the reason for the call, satisfaction, the products mentioned, and more. You can use this feedback to identify ways to improve the customer experience on your website. 

With the appropriate analytics tools, anyone can easily improve their SEO strategy, conversions and online sales. These tools allow you to test and identify what factors are contributing to your traffic and conversion such as what keywords are profitable, what website designs are more popular. Utilizing them will give you a better understanding of your online business and thus increase your conversion rates.

To learn more about these important conversion rate optimization techniques and which ones are right for you, check out this awesome resource, “The Definitive Guide to Conversion Optimization,” which reviews several different website testing and analytical strategies. You can also check out this What We're Talking About article for more tips and tactics to improve your conversion rates.


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This blog post is part of  Your Definitive Guide to Lead Generation blog series and Your Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization blog series.


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