In the world of inbound marketing, lead generation is at top of mind. Marketing specialists work tirelessly to create e-books, white pages, webinars, and infographics that provide value to consumers.

These assets provide tried and true solutions to a target audience's common pain points. The challenge comes in getting people to download your offering. It all begins by creating a landing page that converts users and moves them down the your marketing funnel. Ultimately, you're appealing to people's emotional needs.

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Appeal to Emotion

In order for a potential lead to interact with you, they first have to trust you and your expertise. Establishing authority can be as simple as including a short blurb on what your company does to benefit its customers. Additionally, people want to feel safe and confident in their decision to download or register for something. To quell these fears, providing social proof like the amount of downloads or registrations your asset has will only increase conversion through your marketing funnel. At the end of the day, you will be using copy with certain trigger words to appeal to emotion.



Write Persuasive Copy

Many businesses make the mistake of overselling the main features of their product or service. For example, knowing what type of processor, memory, or graphics cards a laptop has isn't as effective as telling a customer that they can download files 15% faster or enjoy the high-quality visuals of the latest computer game. Finally, a highly effective headline is crucial to conversion. Since people don't necessarily read a landing page word for word, it's imperative to hook them on the first thing they see. Using simple, conversational words are far more relatable and inviting than not.



Reduce Friction

What's friction exactly? Essentially, friction are the obstacles or distractions on your landing page that prevent your potential lead from completing the intended task stopping them from traveling further down your marketing funnel. One thing you can do is to remove menu navigation off your page. That way, they won't be tempted to click on something else that catches their eye. Also, everyone is short on time. If you include one too many form-fields on your form, you will lose out on a lead because people will not think it's worth it to complete it all. Instead, only ask for the information you need.



Use Images

Images have the power to present information in a more evocative and effective way than words can. Especially with images of people, consumers immediately insert themselves in the image in their mind. They analyze face and body language to get a sense for how this offering will make them feel. Similarly, if you choose to include social proof in the form of client testimonials, be sure to include an image next to it to enhance authenticity. 

The first landing page you create will most likely not be the final draft. Chances are you'll need to make incremental changes to see what converts a user down your marketing funnel and what doesn't. A complete page overhaul will only lead to confusion and stress.

Do you have any tips on improving the landing page experience? Do you have any questions about leading users down the marketing funnel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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