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Periscope Pointers: How to Use the Social Media Tool to Your Advantage

Several years ago, Periscope, a live video streaming app, made its way onto the social media market. The platform, which...

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Topics: video marketing, social media, Social Media Marketing

Our 12 Favorite (Best) Marketing Apps

Every marketer knows that the digital world is just as much a rat race for us as it is for the nerd herd down the street. In...

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Topics: Marketing, social media, Inbound Marketing

Blog Benefits: Everyone's Doing It & You Should Be Too

More and more businesses are turning to blogs to help in their web visibility. It is true blogs can provide important search...

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Topics: Marketing, social media, Inbound Marketing

Tweets Gone Wild: 7 Big Brand Tweet Fails

While the use and popularity of Twitter is on the decline, it's by no means gone. The channel is still widely utilized by...

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Topics: social media, twitter, Social Media Marketing

What We're Talking About...#Hashtag

Hashtags have been around since 2009 when Twitter introduced the hashtag into its code, and Facebook adopted them in 2013 (The...

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Topics: social media, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Campaign Creators' Rules to Blog by

Creating a blog post about blog post creation may seem a bit meta. However, learning to craft a blog post in an efficient...

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