You probably have heard about the importance of inbound marketing. You may have even began to create content that not only will delight your current customers but also will inspire prospective customers to become leads online. You have written several compelling blog posts, starred in a few YouTube videos, and even hired a freelance graphic designer to create a couple ‘hip’ infographics for your business.

Yet, you may fear your efforts are in vain since not a single article, video, or graphic has been shared, retweeted, or received a comment. Never Fear! We know just what you need to do to get lots of views on your content.

This blog post is part of Your Definitive Guide to Lead Generation blog series.



How to Get Your content noticed

1. Make Your Content Concise.

The first issue might simply be your content. It’s best to think about who you prospective leads are online and what they might want to read, before sitting down to write a blog post.

Creating a well-written academic level article (complete with footnotes) on a topic in your industry proves you are an expert in your field. The downside is that it could potentially alienate your customers.

Keep in mind that you only have a couple of minutes to capture the attention of a reader/viewer – so keep your content concise and to the point.




2. Have Interesting Titles for Your Content.

Here it's important to keep newspaper headlines in mind. Editors of newspapers and news websites are masters in the art of calling attention. A perfect news headline gives just enough information on the topic discussed, that it inspires readers and viewers to continue reading/listening. 

A good title will have the same goal, to spark the curiosity of a reader so they are motivated click-through to read your content.


3. Use Your Social Media Accounts.

Sharing your content through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is necessary to getting your content in the hand of your fans. Putting up content on many platforms online allows leads to find your content much more easily, keeping your company on their minds, and prividing them valuable content.

But simply posting a link to your YouTube video or amazing blog post is not enough. Businesses should try to maintain a consistent presence on social media with the aim of building a community.

When a fan shares your content, make a clever comment on their posting. When somebody writes a comment, reply to him or her in a timely manner. When leads are active online, it is important to engage with them to show reciprocity. This active engagement with your fans and followers will increase the probability that your content will be shared and loved. 

While following these tips will help you gain more exposure for your content, they are not quick fixes. Building a responsive audience, that willingly shares your content, takes time. But with a consistent flow of creative content and paying a bit of attention to Social Media, it is within the realm of possibility.

Good luck and let us know what you are doing to get your content noticed online. Better yet, share this post to help you start engaging with social audience now!