If you've scrolled through your social media newsfeed lately you probably noticed a lot more video, especially in sponsored posts. Why? For one, Facebook updated its algorithm to favor ads with video. Many companies are still experimenting with how to effectively incorporate video it into their social media strategy. If you don't start engaging in video marketing now you'll be late to the party (and I don't mean fashionably late, I mean all the food and drinks are gone and the lights are on late).

To help you figure out how to incorporate video into your social media strategy here's what we're talking about...

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Longform Video Is the Next Battleground For Marketers - Awaken Your Superhero

"Audiences will watch video that’s less than picture perfect as long as the content is entertaining, useful, or valuable."

This article discusses the changes in tech algorithms and how companies not engaging in original programming are missing out. Luckily, you can get started with a smartphone, all you have to do is pick a topic. If you need help generating a topic to create a video about, use Answer the Public and type in your product or service.


The 7 Videos You Need For Social Media Marketing Success - AdobeSpark

“These days social videos—that capture attention in the first three seconds and generally last for less than a minute—are at the core of successful social media marketing.”

This article goes into detail on the 7 different types of videos that every company should have in their marketing strategy: the mission statement, the process video, the how-to, the mission focused advertisement, the thank you message, the trending topics video, and the explainer video. The article also shows examples of each of the different types of videos.


Six Tips for Successfully Using Livestreaming Video for Marketing - MarketingProfs

“Facebook users, for example, spend three times longer watching live video on the social network than video that's pre-recorded”

This article covers 6 important tips to get you started using live streaming video. The tips include: using the right platform, the right reason, the right content, the right on-camera personality, the right production value and the right promotion. Since video gives viewers a human connection, if done right, video can bring a lot of benefits to your company.


How to Create Your Own Social Media Video Marketing Strategy - SproutSocial

“While Twitter has a 140-character limit on Tweets, their video limit is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Imagine how much more information you can convey with a video than a simple Tweet”

This article discusses why social media video marketing is important to your company and goes in depth on how to create videos. It takes you through the steps of putting together an engaging video starting from the equipment you'll need to how to publish and promote it. 

Interested in video marketing on a budget? Try these 9 tips.




The Formula for Creating Great Videos - Convince and Convert

“With live video, you have people in this moment with you and that’s a different dynamic than publishing something that has been pre-recorded.”

Check out Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer

In this podcast, Amy discusses how she got started in video and gives insightful tips on how to create videos. One thing that stuck with us, is it doesn't matter who you are, you can be an on-camera personality as long as you are versed with what to say and look at the lens like it is a person. Another interesting takeaway is that you should save your introduction for the end and stick it with a CTA.




31 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2017 Strategy - HubSpot

This infographic shows compelling statistics regarding why your company should incorporate video into your marketing strategy.




Video Marketing Tip #1 - How to Keep Visitors On ONLY Your Videos - Sold With Video

This video discusses the benefits of YouTube and the stay with me technique to keep viewers on only your videos. The first part of the technique is adding in your own end frame, posting your own thumbnails. Another part of the technique is to tag your videos with your channel name.

If video marketing seems intimidating to you, or maybe you feel like you don't have the budget or resources to devote to it, watch our on-demand webinar, Low Budget In House Video Production.



Originally published March 15, 2017, updated September 19, 2023
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