If you're working with a sales funnel, you need to use that personal touch - at every stage of the game. Here's how to create the connections that convert.

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Your Sales Funnel Should be Personalized: Here's How

Business owners should be proud of their businesses. You've put a lot of hard work into making your brand, after all. That's why it is a shame that so few entrepreneurs customize their sales funnel for their unique business.

In fact, studies show that less than 68% of B2B sales companies have identified or personalized their sales funnel.

But what are the dynamics of a sales funnel and how will personalizing one improve your brand? How does one even start personalizing their sales funnel?

This may not seem like the simplest task (sales funnels are far from simple, after all) but luckily we compiled a list of tips to help. Let's start with some definitions and refreshers before we dive into techniques, shall we?



What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a type of marketing system. It is considered the best full process your customers will experience as they go from prospect to interest to first-time customers to repeat buyer.

Think of a sales funnel as less of a funnel but more of a linear route that your customers take, with signs posted up that are appealing enough to make them want to travel further and reach the ultimate destination: Repeat Buyer.

Let's break down the complex sales funnel in a simplified way:



At this stage, a potential customer becomes aware of the existence of your product or service. 

By customizing your marketing campaigns and studying what types of people are interested in your product, you can reach this audience and make them aware of what you're selling. Consider them your "target audience."



At this point, the potential customer is really interested in the product or brand.

They may share content from your marketing campaign via social media and express how interesting it is. Customizing your sales funnel plan for this step may include special discounts or rewards for sharing your marketing content across social media or by signing up for your mailing list, which brings us to our next step...



This is slightly different than the consideration step. The potential customer has gone from being candidly interested in your product to seeing the benefit in purchasing it. They are ready to make a decision to buy.

A personalized sales funnel plan for this step could include an easily accessible "shop" button in an email campaign or marketing an enticing exclusive sales event to potential customers that have signed up for your mailing list.



This is the good part!

The potential customer has leveled up to an actual customer and they've purchased your product. now you want to turn them into an evalengist for your brand.

Your sales funnel personalization should include elements that will keep this customer and make them into a repeat buyer, whether that is through separate email campaigns or a rewards program for your business. 


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Why Do I Need To Personalize My Sales Funnel?

So, why should you customize your sales funnel? Because no two businesses are the same.

Consider factors like location, product, target audience, and tons of other things that affect your customers' routes to becoming repeat buyers.

The sales funnel for a bookstore will likely be very different than a sales funnel for a fish and game outlet.



How To Personalize Your Sales Funnel

Personalizing your sales funnel is easier than you think! Here are some tried and true hot tips to help you personalize your sales funnel in the best way possible.


Focus On Email Marketing

Anybody who says that marketing via email is archaic is dead wrong.

Despite the boom of social media and the creation of a whole new way to market a brand or business, the good old email is not ready to retire from marketing just yet.

Studies even prove how well emails work for marketing. Seems a little strange, right?

Consider this-- Nearly 90% of people in the United States are still using their email accounts daily. It is estimated that an email reach is nearly three times more effective at getting purchases than a social media reach.

Do not skip email marketing. But don't skip doing email marketing well either.

Here are a few tips on how to create a great email marketing campaign:

  • Segment your audience into different sections and release email campaigns accordingly. This ensures that one of your target audiences isn't bombarded with something they don't particularly like and ensures a lower unsubscribing rate, better open rates, and great revenue.
  • Focus on marketing your emails to your current customers instead of the customers you wish to acquire. It is much more costly to try to bring in new customers instead of just trying to make your current ones repeat buyers. Rapport is a thing, friends, and you should focus on it.
  • Make your email campaigns simple, pleasing to the eye, and accessible.

Be Adventurous And Explore Social Media

The best way to build traffic is to use social media. Building traffic is a big part of the sales funnel, as it brings in an audience to consider whether or not they want to be your customer. And social media is usually completely free to use for marketing.

If your brand does not have a social media account, get one immediately! Get several across different social media platforms!

Explore which social media platforms are best for your brand.

For example, if your product or brand is very visual, try marketing via Instagram. Here is a great example of Instagram marketing.

If your brand is focused on instructional items, DIY kits, cooking, or fashion, making a Pinterest account is a good way to get your products to go viral.

Many marketing pros also love YouTube. This platform is great because it is the second most accessed search engine currently (Google, of course, is number one), and videos on the site accumulated thousands of comments every day. Creating videos to promote your brand on YouTube could be a fantastic choice.

Facebook and Twitter should also be staples for any brand.


Call To Action

Business owners know what a call to action is-- it is pretty self-explanatory. You want to get your potential customers to do something, usually to click that "buy" button or to look at what items are part of a big sale.

A call to action is a major sales funnel component-- it is the thing that officially makes a prospective customer an actual first-time customer.

That CTA button has to look good. And it also has to function well.

In an ad campaign, this means that you probably should not make your call to action button difficult to find, too light, or linked with poor wording.

For example, using white text to explain what the call to action is, followed by a white text underlined "SHOP" button, is probably a poor idea. The button is not distinct enough from the rest of the text. This is especially bad if the call to action button falls against a light background and is difficult to see.

Try superimposing the call to action button against a light background. Add a pop color to highlight the text, making it much more button-like. Using arrows is very psychological as well, and clear language and aesthetically pleasing fonts are what will get you more clicks.


Leave It To The Pros

You can seek out professional marketing companies that create conversion-friendly sales funnels for you. If you want to invest in getting the job done right, try this option.

Getting quotes from these companies ahead of time is a great way to compare pricing and decide if having your sales funnel taken out of your hands is a good idea.

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