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For many, email marketing seems like a thing of the past. With our inboxes brimming on the daily with loads of unopened emails, it feels like there are much better routes for today's marketers to take. But, believe it or not, there's a reason why most companies still choose email marketing over other marketing methods out there. Here's why:


The Logic

It’s already difficult to appeal to the public, even when you know exactly who your target audience is. Email marketing works because it allows you to connect with those who you know are interested and want to hear from you. Big companies such as Apple, Costco, and even Nordstrom all use email marketing to stay connected with their customers.


The Perks

It's convenient. Email marketing is convenient and accessible anywhere. Especially with in mobile marketing. Customers with interest are able to view your messages anytime, anywhere.

It's consistent, but not time consuming. Email marketing is efficient, effective, and easy to create. Having messages created on a regular basis helps keep your company in the minds of your customers, Emails allow for people to easily forward them to friends and family.

It offers trial and error, without the consequences. Creativity through this marketing method can keep your company ahead of competitors. Campaigns produced with pictures, graphics, videos, or other visuals can be incorporated into emails effortlessly. Develop elaborate campaigns customized for audiences in different places for different purposes. Test out different marketing ideas and observe the methods that receive the most response. Use the techniques that work and forget the ones that failed.

It's exclusive. When an email is sent directly to a person, personalized with their name, it creates a sense of uniqueness. Exclusivity increases interest and gives a sense of urgency for people to buy immediately. Bringing traffic to your online website or even actual stores can be done through incentive. Offer coupons or free samples/gifts to your customers as a form of appreciation. These emails are sent out to those you know are interested. Helping them save money will not only increase the amount of people visiting your sites or stores, it will increase sales because discounts allow people to save money and most likely use that money to buy more. 

The customization of your email campaign can be greatly improved with the use of drip marketing. Check out this article about "upgrading" to drip campaigns as part of a modern emails trategy.

It costs less, with better results. Email marketing does not need a large sum of money to maintain. With low costs, using email marketing still brings about several benefits. Not only will it drive up sales, it brings traffic to your overall website, and increases popularity and credibility (if the marketing campaigns are done right.) All of this without without breaking the bank? Yes please!

Did you like this article on the prevalence of Email Marketing? Check out these post on the best email marketing practices for all of your questions about email marketing.

Email marketing is just one part of lead nurturing. Learn how to build out an effective lead nurturing program by checking out Your Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing.


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