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Market Research


11 min read

How to Develop and Successfully Use Buyer Personas

We’ve realized that there are so many mistakes to avoid when trying to make and use buyer personas and even more things you need while going through...

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Hubspot's GrowthBot Test Drive

We gave HubSpot's GrowthBot a spin for competitor research, website analytics reporting and a few CRM activities. Watch this [video] to see it in...

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3 min read

Stop Selling; Start Guiding: Targeting the Millennial

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or see the word, “salesperson”? In a recent Campaign Creators study, the most common...

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final version

2 min read

Email Marketing Best Practices

With the turn of the year, many people tend to take on new initiatives to meet their marketing objectives. I would say one of the more popular...

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2 min read

Why Are There so Many Women in PR?

In every PR class I take throughout college, it seems like I’m the only guy.

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2 min read

Consumer Behavior Psychology: Deep-Sea Diving Into an Ocean of Emotion

Marketers are often plagued with the question: How do I get people to buy my product or service? Market research is often a complicated and tedious...

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2 min read

Surprising Inbound Marketing Facts

Inbound marketing is proving to be more than a trend, but a lot of people are still usure whether will be beneficial fr their business. Here at...

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