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How to Research, Develop and Successfully Use Buyer Personas

We’ve realized that there are so many mistakes to avoid when trying to make and use buyer personas and even more things you...

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Topics: Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Market Research

Competitive Analysis Part 2: How to Analyze Competitive Information

Once you’ve gathered all of the competitive data you have been able to locate, it’s analysis time. You should analyze to...

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Market Research, competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis: What you need to know and where to find it

To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in reaching and selling to your target market, you must possess a thorough...

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Topics: Best Business Practices, marketing strategy, Market Research

11 Principles for How to Write Customer Survey Questions

You can use customer surveys to improve a product or service, measure customer satisfaction, improve customer retention,...

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Topics: Research and Planning, Market Research, Research

Hubspot's GrowthBot Test Drive

We gave HubSpot's GrowthBot a spin for competitor research, website analytics reporting and a few CRM activities. Watch this...

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Topics: Marketing, marketing tools, Market Research

How To Conduct a Competitive Market Analysis

A competitive analysis is a crucial part of the research and planning phase for companies who wish to improve their business....

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Topics: Marketing, Business Development, Best Business Practices