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3 Simple Steps to the Perfect Case Study Format

If you're a business owner, you know that case studies are a vital part of client attraction. Not only do case studies allow...

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Topics: Business Development, Inbound Marketing, Case Studies

Why Are There so Many Women in PR?

In every PR class I take throughout college, it seems like I’m the only guy.

( read 2 minute read )

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Case Studies, Market Research

5 Unwritten Rules for Social Media Campaigning

1. Double-check questionable posts

Although you might think a post is funny and harmless, others may find it offensive....

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Topics: Marketing, Branding, social media

How to Avoid a Social Media Disaster

Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool, yet a treacherous one if used incorrectly. While many businesses have used...

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Topics: social media, Social Media Marketing, Case Studies

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