Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. Essentially, each one is a fake person that should be able to represent a large portion of your consumer base. They are created by conducting thorough research to understand your typical clientele on an individual level. Rather than studying a general target audience, they allow you to focus on one specific person.

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How Personas Help Me

I’ve found that in writing it’s nearly impossible to please everyone. Novelists and songwriters have repeatedly said you can’t create amazing work if you write for the masses. It’s best to write for a single person, and in doing so, many people will connect with it. Anyone can tell you communication is much easier when you speak to someone at individual level, rather than addressing a crowd. This is the point of personas.

Crafting marketing content is a similar endeavor. Something you create for the general public won’t speak to people in the same way as something you direct towards a persona.

In general, 3-5 personas will cover about 90% of your customer base. Let’s say we disregard that 10% and focus on your most common consumers. By creating a few personalized messages you’ll reach nearly all your customers or clients on an individual level. They will feel as if you’re speaking to them directly, all because you took the time to create a few personas.

To create these perfect personas, you’ll need to conduct thorough research and do your due diligence. Here are a few different ways to approach the process: 

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Types of Research

Traditional Market Research

These may include qualitative focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other face-to-face methods.


Digital Questionnaires

These can be a quick and easy way to gather general data. One platform I’ve been successful with in creating questionnaires is


Website and Social Media Analytics

Your content management system and social media management platform should provide useful and insightful analytics.


Employees and Co-Workers

Your fellow associates that work with customers probably know quite a bit about their habits, wants, need, etc. Talk to them!



This may seem obvious, yet many people overlook this one entirely. Don’t forget to speak with your loyal customers.


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