Is your business missing something? Struggling to find people who are interested in your brand?

You are lacking in leads and are not sure how to gather more. We get it, it can be difficult to find leads, even if your brand is already established online. 

If this is you, then lead generation services may be the answer. Read on to learn how lead generation services can help you boost your company's online presence and ultimately the bottom line.  


What Can You Expect from Lead Generation Services?

There are a variety of ways that a lead generation company will help you with your business. But in order to help you, they need to know what you're in need of. 

They will need to evaluate your wants and needs, which generally starts off with an assessment meeting. This meeting will serve as a starting point. You'll be able to tell the service provider what you're in need of, your goals, and your pain points. During this initial meeting they will let you know what they can do based on the information you provide.

Usually they will then investigate and evaluate your website and the content you already have. They'll rework your content and website in a way that generates more leads, sometimes called conversion optimization.

You'll see some of the ways they'll be able to do this below. 



They Will Boost Your Website's Content

Your website is one of the first places your potential customers will find your brand. But even if you already have an established online presence, lead generation services can help you improve. 


Blog content

Did you know that marketers who have blogs generate 67% more leads than those who do not? Blogging is huge, and it's beneficial to your website and business.

Blogs are found in a variety of different ways. And the more your blog is search engine optimized, the more you'll be found online.

Lead generation professionals will be able to make sure that you're blog is generating leads by focusing on your blog's SEO. Keywords and backlinks will be used strategically to draw more leads to your website.  They'll also make sure that your posts end in a call to action. This means asking potential customers to subscribe to your newsletters or blog posts. 




Contact forms 

Including contact forms on your site is a great way to generate leads. And lead generation specialists will be able to create contact forms and subscription forms that are optimized to encourage visitors to share their information with you. 

Popups that ask for a visitor's contact info are very effective and popular for building your lead list. And your "contact us" forms should also include a spot for customers to include their email.

Your lead generation specialist will be able to address whether or not your current forms are working effectively for your lead generation efforts. If not, they'll be able to create a popup that builds more leads.

Again, this is the easiest way to gather email addresses to add to your address book without you having to do much work.  


Website landing page

Lead generation specialists focus on making your website work well for your brand. Generally, they will start by taking your landing page and incorporate text, fonts, colors, and images that are consistent with your brand.

They will rework your call to action page and other pages to generate more leads. But ultimately will make sure that your website is optimized for the ideal lead generation by making a cohesive look. Check out this article on what it takes to create a landing page that converts.


Optimize your website for mobile viewing

More and more people are using their smartphones to make searches and visit websites. In fact, 60% of searches are done on a smartphone.

If your website isn't optimized for mobile viewing, you're doing your company a great disservice. 

Lead generation services will address the issues with your website. Your website should be created for mobile viewing first, and then adapt to larger screens that it's being viewed on. They will ensure that your website will be seen across all platforms, not just for desktop viewing. 



Social Media Growth

It's no secret that social media is booming. The more users join social media platforms, the more they use them for finding businesses and services across all industries. 

But social media is much of a science on its own. Professionals will be able to delve into your social media platforms and create engaging posts. These posts will engage and pull leads quickly. Nothing works better like word of mouth. Or in this case, shared social media posts. 

They will focus on who your customers are, what they are interested in, and the questions they have. 

Social media platforms not only create trust with your customers, they'll also share your content with their friends and future customers to see. 

Lead generation services will be able to perform social media analysis. These analyses will report which posts are generating the most leads for your brand. You can then take this data and apply it to all future postings. 



Email Marketing Tactics

Email is one of the fastest ways to reach your customers and future customers. Perhaps a customer has purchased your product once, or visited your website a few times and entered in their email. That's great! But what's the next step?

Lead generation specialists use marketing automation software to analyze data. They then take this data and automatically send emails to the appropriate audience. This data is generally based on their behavioral patterns. What what are the customers buying? When are they purchasing the items? This type of information is important for reaching the right audience.




Finding and generating leads is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. But if you're struggling to find prospective customers, your company needs to invest in lead generation services.

These professionals will be able to address potential holes in your website, social media platforms, and email marketing tactics. 

Marketing your business and finding new leads can be hard, even if you're already established. If you need help getting started with developing strategies, download our ECommerce Marketing: Intro to Lead Generation guide.


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Originally published May 1, 2017, updated March 25, 2020
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