Email marketing is an often overlooked method of attracting engagement and conversions. With all the upkeep social media and other digital forms of media need, organizations can be overwhelmed or become lazy when crafting a seamless email experience. A better email experience translates to more clicks and more engagement, especially with your email subscriber base. 

According to figures by GetResponse, 42% of email subscribers delete emails that don't display correctly on their mobile phones. It is imperative that your email is formatted correctly for all mobile phone types.

Here's a quick rundown on how to create a better email subscriber experience.

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Grab Their Attention

We all skim through content to save time. Skimming allows us to look at headings, images, and bullet points in order to assess if it's worth our time to keep reading. Since the space on someone's mobile phone is limited, maximizing this real estate to your advantage can be a deciding factor on whether you subscriber will unsubscribe. Practice these tips to create a better email subscriber experience through your layout:

  • Use white space to your advantage
  • Make your CTAs easy to notice
  • Use font and text size of at least 12 px
  • Keep the most important information toward the top of the email
  • Space out your links 


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Keep it Brief

Your email could be designed like a masterpiece that's ready to be hung up at a museum of contemporary art, but if you're subject and body copy is long-winded, you've already lost an email subscriber. In most email mobile displays, only three lines display automatically: subject line, first line, and the from line. For the subject line, if it's too long it'll get cut off. The sweet spot is around 4-15 words per subject line. Appeal to emotion, make it human, and make them relevant to the person you're sending them to. The first line of the email should be personalized and kept at a conversational tone. Make it skimmable. As for the from line, always make sure it's attached to a real human being's name instead of "customerservice@" or "technicalsupport@."



Call to Action

The call to action is the final line a person reads, generally. It is meant to evoke a response out of your email subscriber. Make it punchy, grabby, and concise. A call to action that is more than 5 words long is way too long. Your call to action could range from "Shop Now" to "Download Here." Typically, call to actions begin with a verb since they are instructions telling the reader to do something. Create a sense of urgency by adding the word "now" at the end of the verb. "Now" is powerful and elicits immediate action. Also, don't bombard your readers with a plethora of calls to action. One is enough, but if you insist on having more, differentiate which one is the main CTA and mix up the wording.

Did we miss anything? How do you assure a great experience for your subscribers? Comment below and tell us.

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