The ultimate purpose of your emails, website, blog, or other content is to provoke some sort of immediate response in your audience. No matter how long you spend perfecting your websites user experience, or creating a nurturing funnel, the design, placement and copy of the Call to Action will still be a significant part of the user's decision to click. That's why it is so important to optimize your CTA's. After all, they are the buttons that ensure that the purpose of your webpage, whether it was to get the visitor to download an e-book or book a consultation, is seen through. Lucky for you, we put together a list of resources that will teach you how to perfect every aspect of your CTA button, so rest assured your visitors will click-through.

If you think you could use some tips on creating appealing Call to Action buttons, here's what we're talking about...

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How To Write A Call To Action In A Template With 6 Examples via. coschedule

“All of your content marketing success hinges on the bounce and the conversion. And what is the fulcrum at the center of the two that will determine which way it will tip? Your call to action—aka your marketing CTA.”

All the information you could need about CTA's in one article. From what a CTA is and its purpose, to how to leverage emotions such as fear and hope to entice clicks, this resource has it all. Also, provides key words that most effective CTA's use and some helpful tips on structuring CTA's. And of course, examples from 6 successful companies to get you started.


31 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click via. hubspot blog

“One big fear users have before committing to sign up for something? That it'll be a pain to cancel their subscription. Netflix nips that fear in the bud with the "Cancel anytime" copy”

What better way to build the perfect CTA's than getting some inspiration from the best out there? This article goes through 31 examples as well as explains why they work so well so that you can choose which tactic you want to use. Also, handy downloadable guides throughout the article if you want more information!




Call-To-Action Buttons: Top Performing CTA Design Trends via. bittbox

“If you only have one preferred action for visitors then you should reserve space for your CTA on the homepage. Let your CTA take center stage and grab the most amount of attention.”

Design can be such an important element in the success of a CTA, especially in the context of the rest of your website's design. This article gives design information to help you ensure that your call to action pops out and appeals to visitors. All design tips have examples so you can see them in action!


Data-Driven CTA's for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel via. kissmetrics blog

“That said, one factor that’s often neglected is the relevance of the call to action to the stage of the sales funnel, or what point your audience is at in the buyer’s journey.”

Calls to action are a great way to get your visitors to take action on your website, but they are only effective if the CTA is relevant to the buyer's place in his journey. This article will help you ensure that your CTA's are in the right place to target leads in the right stage.




75 calls to action to use in your email marketing campaigns via. campaign monitor

Lists are sure to never let you down. If you want a quick read for some ideas for great calls-to-action to add to your emails, this resource is what you need. And, if you want to know more about email CTA's, this article also has 5 tips for the best email strategy.




do's and dont's of a successful call-to-action via. martech

“Imagery, text, offers, charts, and links help differentiate your campaigns and pique subscribers’ interest, but getting them to open your email is only half the battle. The next step is to inspire action through a compelling and powerful call to action”

Avoid making some crucial mistakes on your CTA's with this infographic. 10 Do's and 8 Dont's with an example for each so you know exactly how to go about creating your call-to-action.



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50 customizable call-to-action templates via. hubspot

All you need to know to create customized CTA's using this download is PowerPoint. A great resource to get you started on creating CTA's for your website and getting engagement from visitors. Also, provides a free tool to track the performance of your CTA.

Calls to Action are great if they are designed well and get the point across in a persuasive manner. However, their offer also needs to be relevant to the visitor depending on what stage of the buyer's journey they are at. Therefore, having CTA's that properly nurture leads down a funnel is very important. After all, you wouldn't want to try to book a consultation with a visitor who just landed on your website, or offer a sales-ready top-of-funnel information.

Check out this video for more on applying growth-driven design to your campaign funnels.


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Originally published July 26, 2017, updated September 10, 2017
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