In my last post, I discussed a little about email marketing best practices. Fine tuning your subject lines, providing an even ratio between text and image, and appropriately coding your emails will do wonderful things for your click-through-rates. However, there is a bit more you can do from a marketing strategy standpoint to assure that your emails are bringing in the highest amount of leads possible.

Here are our tips for further strategizing your email marketing efforts:

This blog post is part of "Your Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing" blog series.



Maintain your current subscribers

Though creating relevant content for an email campaign is extremely important, what will really help you convert those email readers into leads is the careful maintenance of your already existing subscriber lists.


Know your readers

When it comes to email marketing, spending generous amounts of time understanding your email database will help you. How long has X person been subscribed? Has he/she opted in to receive your emails specifically or rather are they just somebody you met after a couple drinks at a networking event? Catering your email messaging to be more cognizant of subscriber lists will give you higher interaction rates, which could bring in more potential leads.


Be aware of list aging

Email lists naturally decline in value over time. If you are not currently adding names to your email database at the same rate as you were in the past, it could be a significant factor contributing to declining rates of email engagement.


Optimize against it

According to the popular marketing resource MarketingSherpa, the natural churn rate of an email list can be 25% annually or higher, which is why you must continually work to add new contacts to your email database. The best solution to resolve list aging is to better optimize your website, future emails, landing pages, and other marketing campaigns to intake new names into your email database.


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Find New Subscribers

Once you feel you've given sufficient focus to your pre-existing subscribers, you can move forward into marketing to gain new ones.


Design your page to be subscriber-friendly

In order to have the ability to communicate with people on some level regarding your company’s activities (even if it is non-salesy and solely informational), it is vital to have a systems setup to intake consumers’ information. This is why when somebody takes an action on your website, we suggest creating another landing/thank you page that thanks them for their engagement, and gives them an opportunity to take another action. This methodology will also help us to better qualify where consumers are at in their information gathering process.


The more places to take action, the better!

Your website is much more effective conversion tool when there are multiple locations for a user to sign up to become part of your email database. Try and avoid multiple clicks, which is bad for user experience and conversion (in this case new emails in our database). We recommend adding a one line submission option similar to the one located on our right-hand sidebar (see above). These also might be helpful in other strategic locations throughout the website, landing pages, and even blogs.

This concludes our Email Marketing Best Practices Series. Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments section below and we would be happy to engage!

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