Search engines work every day to improve the user experience. You, the user, are like the worst kind of significant other – demanding and needy. You’re looking for the most focused information, and fast. In order to give you the best possible listings for your search, search engines take a lot into consideration, including domain name, titles, keywords, descriptions, metatags, and site content.

So how does Google read through your website?

Take away the beauty of your site design and the long hours of keyword research and backlinks and CPCs. Zone out from all of the jargon of Search Engine Optimization and think reasonably. 

What matters to you when you click on a link that was provided by a search engine? Relevance.

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How much does google know?

Keep a low Bounce Rate

We want REAL, RELEVANT, ACTIVE, and INTELLIGENT results. If you’re running a legitimate, worthwhile site, you’re most likely posting quality, constant, and relevant information. If you’re fake, spammy, or have other intentions from what you’re listing, the activity of traffic on your site will tell Google that users consider the listing useless.

Among other things, Google monitors the Bounce Rate on your site. This refers to the traffic that comes to your site, does not interact with anything on any of the pages, and leaves immediately. For example, if your website has dancing gerbils and nothing else, your bounce rate will always be high (unless of course you are a petshop). To lower your Bounce Rate, you could stick a button on that page that says, “make the gerbils dance.” Now you will have a Call To Action! We’ll cover Calls to Action in a later posting. 


google also monitors activity level

If you provide relevant and intelligent information, using synonyms and other means of related material, Google will interpret your site as an authority. But solid content isn’t the only game in town. Activity level is equally important. No one cares about the guy who posted a great article in 1999 but has yet to publish anything else. Yes, he is the only person who wrote about a flying leprechaun that ate the world's supply of Girl Scout cookies, and for that reason he is likely in position #1 for that search term. But all it takes is one person to write a few more articles on the subject, and they will easily surpass him because they are posting actively.

Quality content and consistent activity are definitely good tricks to increase leads on your webpage. Creating content pillars is another emerging SEO strategy; find out more in this article.


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Providing great, relevant content is wonderful in theory, but who has the time to do this actively? If you don’t have the time, there are a million and one firms and contractors out there to help. Just be aware of what they are doing and remember The Content Hex. If they aren’t following the simple principles above then you’ll be just another lost leprechaun story.

Staying relevant will help improve your Google ranking and increase website traffic, hopefully creating more leads, but content is not the only way to generate leads! Get your free guide with 30 more tip, tricks and ideas.

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Originally published June 12, 2017, updated August 24, 2018
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