Apple is a household name. If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or MacBook, you’re in the minority. People covet their iPhones while renouncing their tired old Droids. But why do the vast majority of people love Apple even though the prices are extraordinarily high?


4 reasons why apple is successful 

1. The Look: Clean and sleek design

2. Exclusivity: Owning an Apple product has become a status symbol

3. The product reveal: Incredible amount of hype surrounding their product reveals

4. The service: Tech support station named Apple's Genius bar


The Look

While PC products work just as well as a Mac for the most part, they aren’t nearly as pretty. Apple takes pride in the look and feel of their products, ensuring clean and sleek lines. Their laptops are always pristine silver with their classic, backlit apple symbol. With the introduction of the iPhone 5s, they began using the coveted gold color that triggered a demand like no other.




While the every day Joe Schmo can afford a PC, Apple products come with a hefty price tag. An average MacBook costs $1,200 with out any modifications. iPhones, even when they are sold with a contract, can give you a heart attack at the register. Apple offers a sense of exclusivity that isn’t achieved by other PC products. Owning an Apple product (or five) become a status symbol.



The Product Reveal

Unlike other technology giants, Apple creates an incredible amount of hype surrounding their product reveals. Months before a new model is released, experts are speculating what the next big advancement could be or how they can make the products any more light-weight. Apple creates a media circus that drives up the excitement and anticipation before a product reveal.

The actual reveal is also a media sensation. A live podcast allows busy workers to follow along with the newest updates as Tim Cook announces each new model, with a long speech about how this one is so much better than the last. How could anyone not put his or her name on the pre-order list right away?



The Service

In addition, Apple’s Genius Bar is genius. Not only do they accommodate your business schedule by having appointments at regular intervals throughout the day, they make sure that you are greeted by a friendly representative who will assure you that the wait will be worth it. The service is great and repairs done quickly (usually with a discount if you ask nicely). They also offer tutorials and free set up help with new purchases, making the transition to an Apple product smooth.



Once you go Apple, you never go back

While PC products are more reasonably priced and have the same lifespan as an average MacBook, once you try an Apple product, you can’t go back. Recently, one of our interns iPhones had a tragic washing machine accident. Fortunately, her old Droid was still patiently in the closet. After a week of dealing with the clunky interface, she had had it and was off to buy her new iPhone replacement.

Between the easy user interface, the sleek design, the quality service and the exclusivity, once you’ve tried an Apple product, it’s hard to go back.

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Originally published April 7, 2017, updated June 13, 2018
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