If you've never heard of a lead magnet, we'll make it easy for you. We all know that today's marketing is all about having the right content. Essentially, a lead magnet is a free, downloadable piece of content that is used to generate interest in your company's brand. It is also a way to add marketable customers to your contact list.

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How It Works

The idea is that you supply your lead with something they need-- whether it is a checklist, a white paper, or an eBook. (Check out 4 great ideas here.) In return, they give you their information. Simple. Quid pro quo. Although it seems like such a simple concept, lead magnets are extraordinarily useful for gathering potential leads and bringing attention to your business. So how do you create a lead magnet that will be successful?



Find A Need

While it may be nice to teach people how to pick oranges, it’s not really relevant or necessary for business professionals. Find a need in your industry that is not being met. One lead magnet the Campaign Creators team launched was a blogging checklist-- essentially a step-by-step guide to creating a successful blog. We noticed that many of our clients were struggling to create and run a blog, so we used our blogging expertise to create a lead magnet that our customers (and potential future customers) could use.

Check out some of the lead magnets we created for our clients: We Olive, Malta Development, and PlanetTogether.



Research Your Content

A lead magnet won’t bring in clients if the content is lacking. It is crucial to do the appropriate research and compile the facts in order to create valuable content. Talk to co-workers, conifer with colleagues in your industry, consult industry leaders, do diligent online research, and of course, pull from your own knowledge on the subject. Once you have compiled your research, determine which pieces are critical and what you want to include. Now, write away!



Consider Your Design

Once you have all of your content, send it to design. If it is difficult for your audience to understand what your lead magnet is trying to say or if the design is distracting, you will lose potential clients. Make sure the design flows and doesn’t overwhelm the reader, allowing them to easily digest the information.



Incorporate Social Media

Once you have launched your lead magnet, it is crucial to promote it onsocial media. Create a different message for all platforms. Twitter should include hashtags and a short enticing blurb, where as LinkedIn can be longer and more informative. Also, write a blog about it. Promoting your own lead magnet through your blog will encourage your casual readers to explore what your firm has to offer and transition to a lead.



Sit Back and Relax

Creating a lead magnet takes a lot of work. Various departments including marketing, design, and web development are usually involved in the process. Once you have launched your lead magnet, allow yourself watch the leads come rolling in. You will constantly have to promote it to ensure it’s success but the hard part is done. Now you can focus on what you can do for all of those new clients!

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