Picture this: You find a new lead on your website and get really excited. You can't wait to send them all the incredible content you've spent hours creating, hoping they soon turn into a paying customer.

But instead, you have to hold back so you don't inundate this new lead with information and lose them. You have to deliver the right content at the right time, depending where the lead is in the buyer's journey.

Enter Drip Email Campaigns. Drip email campaigns not only automate the whole process of sending emails with content to new leads and prospective customers, sparing you the manual work of scheduling, but they also force you to create content tailored to people at different stages of the Buyer's Journey, allowing you to nurture leads to the point where they are ready to purchase. By tailoring your content distribution to different segments of your email list, you ensure that each lead gets the information that is most relevant to them, making the lead nurturing process more effective. An extremely important part of marketing automation, drip email campaigns ensure that all leads get sent the appropriate content at the right time, without the manual labor. Sounds like a sweet deal.

If you think automating your content distribution via. drip email campaigns sounds like the right thing for you...here's what we're talking about.

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Do Drip Campaigns Really Work? via. Business2Community

“It’s not uncommon for a prospect to get overwhelmed when at the receiving end of a content firehose. Enter the drip campaign. These carefully thought-out emails offer “drops” of content at spaced-out intervals to keep your brand top of mind until your prospect is ready to contact you”

This article goes over the basics of a drip campaign, best practices, and alternate methods for nurturing leads. Additionally it looks at statistics from some drip campaigns to see if they are actually effective and whether they have good ROI. Turns out, they are!


3 Drip Email Campaigns with an Above 40% Open Rate via. Hubspot 

Email messaging is the 'tip of the spear' for starting business relationships. The copy you write needs to be sharp yet sincere, showing that you can provide value without inundating them. Ultimately the recipient should feel as if all you want is to do is improve their day and their business.”

This article goes over a single 3-email sequence with incredible open rates, to see how to formulate a good email, and how to appropriately follow up on previous email. Also provides a basic template for a 3-email drip campaign sequence.


Convert More Leads into Sales with these 5 Email Follow Up Campaigns via. MarketingProfs

“It's human nature to get complacent about the way things are. Often, if prospects don't buy, they end up justifying their problem or telling themselves that things "are not really that bad. With the pain-reminder campaign you simply remind your prospect of the problems they have and the pains they are experiencing, and what effect all that it is having on their life.”

The task of coming up with an email campaign or the sequencing can be the hardest part of setting up your automated drip campaign. That's why this article goes over 5 well known and successful types/themes of campaigns that can give you a good starting point in coming up with a campaign. For each type of campaign, the article has action items to get started, as well as a handy tip!



Case Study:

A Spotlight on Drip Email Campaigns: Buffer via. Business2Community

“Buffer’s emails don’t typically include a hard sell which can be very effective given the email saturation of the modern world. Their email campaigns work to convert and retain customers through nurturing, soft selling and 'zero selling.'”

This article focuses on Buffer (a social media app) drip email campaign as a lead nurturing tactic. Goes over all their emails with pros and cons of each one, including introductory emails, re-engagement emails and re-connection emails. Then, they compare and contrast Buffer' strategy to its main competitor's, Hootesuite, giving you the chance to look over two full drip email campaigns with what works, and what doesn't.


Drip Email Campaigns are only one part of an awesome, complete marketing strategy. To see if you have all the other components, or to get recommendations on which part of your strategy needs improvement, take this marketing assessment.




Effects of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats via. Mailchimp

Drip marketing is especially effective because it separates your email list into smaller target groups and sends separate messages to each target group, thus making your message more effective. This resource puts numbers on just how beneficial drip email campaigns are by providing statistics on the difference between segmented and non-segmented email list on factors such as open-rate, click-rate and much more.




The Basics of Drip Campaigns via. Pardot

“Drip campaigns allow you to consistently “touch” leads with relevant information based on time intervals, actions taken by prospects on your website, or other parameters, freeing up valuable marketing and sales resources without neglecting your prospects”

Drip campaigns can be incredibly helpful in nurturing leads through every stage of the Buyer's Journey without the hassle of having to manually reach out to each lead. This infographic clearly outlines the benefits, types, examples, and best practices for a successful drip campaign.




How to Combat Email-Induced Insanity: SaneBox's Dmitri Leonov via. MarketingProfs

“Sending an email with a blank subject might get you a higher open rate this week, maybe next week too. If you keep doing it, it’s going to not work anymore because people don’t buy it. People are catching on pretty quickly.”

This podcast provides a receiver's point of view to email marketing. From tips to battling an overflowing inbox to tips for making a marketing email more effective and less spammy, this podcast goes over it all. Also, they discuss the new product SaneBox, which helps automatically sort out the junk from your inbox, sparing you the trouble of scrolling through unwanted emails.

Drip Email Campaigns are only one part of an awesome, complete marketing strategy. To see if you have all the other components, or to get recommendations on which part of your strategy needs improvement, take this marketing assessment.

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