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Marketing Analytics


2 min read

What We're Talking About... Learning Marketing Analytics

When was the last time you felt pressure in a meeting articulating your marketing analytics to your clients? Probably within the last week, right?

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9 min read

Let's GDD That Campaign Funnel

Luke Summerfield, Program Manager and GDD guru at HubSpot, shared with Campaign Creators how to apply Growth-Driven Design tactics to your campaign...

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3 min read

Are my conversion rates “good”?

Hey Campaign Creators, Tammy here, Market Research Analyst at Campaign Creators. Today, I want to help you answer the question, “Are my conversion...

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2 min read

It’s All About the Data

Data is everywhere— in surveys, web analytics, and call-to-action forms. As businesses grow, they inevitably become hit with massive piles of data,...

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