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What We're Talking About...Copywriting for Optimizing Conversions

What We're Talking About...Copywriting for Optimizing Conversions

Every day, more than 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared.

As a marketer we're constantly adding to that noise. What many of us don't realize is that more content doesn't necessarily mean greater ROI!

Every time you create content, whether it's for an email campaign, a landing page or a blog, the copy has to be powerful enough to convert visitors into leads or sales. After all, isn't that the goal of every digital marketer? That's why we're here to help you nail down your copy and get you started on the road to boosting your conversion rates.

So if you find yourself struggling crafting copy that actually converts, here's what we're talking about...




8 Copywriting Tips for Improving Conversions via HubSpot

“If you can amp up the excitement factor by a few notches, your copy will become that much more powerful. Excitement helps take the customer from passive spectator to a fan.”

What are the writing secrets that really sells people? This article lays out the 8 features that will help kick your conversion copywriting efforts into high gear.

5 Copywriting Strategies That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate by 113% via Neil Patel

“Online persuasion has everything to do with understanding your target customers and what they’re looking for. Once you’re sure about their needs, you can speak their language and convert them much more easily.”

A whopping 2 million blog posts are created daily. According to Neil, if you want your target audience to actually read your web pages, ad copy and articles, you have to start by writing clear headline. Check out more of his tips in this in-depth article.

12 Psychology-Backed Copywriting Tips for Boosting Ecommerce Conversions via Wise Pops

“In ecommerce, urgency works like this: in order for visitors to buy now and not later, they have to be presented with information or facts that convince them that it’s in their best interest to do so.”

With eCommerce your goal is sales, sales, sales. The most successful and profitable ecommerce shops all use the same not-so-secret technique for persuading new visitors to buy. What's the secret, you ask? Read to find out!

5 Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy that Converts via Campaign Creators

"Don't just say “Sign Up” but state what they are signing up for - “Sign Up for Trial.” Some other good examples of specific CTA's are Watch Video, Download Guide, Register for Course, and Schedule Consultation."

Brief and to the point, here are 5 tips for writing high converting copy for your landing pages that you can implement right now.




The power of conversion copywriting via Joanna Wiebe

In this short podcast Joanna talks everything conversion copywriting, from A/B testing, calls to action and uncomfortably long copy. Give it a listen on your next lunch break!


7 Copywriting Hacks that Will Double Your Conversions via Marketing School

In this episode, Eric and Neil discuss the 7 copywriting hacks that will double your conversions. What makes great copy? How do you fine tune your text to get people to convert? Tune in to find out!




Are You Using the Right Words on Your Landing Pages? via Thrive Themes

“If you want to make your website appealing to your visitors, you need to switch from 'me, me, me' messaging to 'you, you you”

This short 5-minute video shows you a real example of a landing page with great copy. Check it out to see how your landing page stacks up.





Congrats! Now you're well on your way to creating killer copy for your emails, blogs, and landing pages. If you're noticing that your landing page still isn't converting, use our free 20-Point Landing Page Audit to identify the weak areas on your landing page and show you exactly how to fix them to improve your conversion rates immediately!


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