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Improve Conversion Rates With This
20-Point Landing Page Audit

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Having a hard time getting visitors to convert on your landing pages?

This 20-point landing page audit identifies your landing pages’ weaknesses and shows you exactly how to fix them so you can start improving conversion rates immediately.

Whether you’re B2B, B2C or eCommerce, this audit sheet will work. We use it for our clients & ourselves—in some cases we’ve seen a 29% increase in average conversion rate!

20 Point Landing Page Audit Cover

A Simple and Fast Way to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages are a major contributor to the success of your lead generation efforts. So why wouldn’t you pay attention to the details that go into creating a high converting landing page?

Download your DIY 20-point audit to:

  • Score your landing pages on a scale of 1-5 on areas such as user experience and branding
  • Diagnose areas of your page that need optimization
  • Get great tips on how to improve landing page elements

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What People are saying
“We have increased leads by 325% and sales by 300% thanks to their lead nurturing campaigns and sales consulting.”
Image of quotee, Jim Cerra
Jim Cerra
CEO, PlanetTogether
“We wouldn't be where we are without them. From day one they have exceeded expectations.”
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Curt Finckler
Marketing Director, Innate Response
an excerpt from the 20-point landing audit
“Although a single offer on a landing page is great for the initial capture of a lead, it’s likely not enough to seal the deal and turn them into your customer.”
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