When you hear about retargeting or remarketing, you may think about it in a B2C situation, where a banner ad for the site you've been on pops up on Facebook, and Instagram, and the top of your email inbox - those damn red shoes seem to be following you everywhere!                       

However, retargeting should not be relegated to consumer goods. B2B companies can (and are!) use retargeting to generate quality leads, increase ROI, and recapture lost leads. So if you're ready to amp up your B2B campaign with retargeting, here's what we're talking about. . .

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5 Smart Ways To Use Retargeting To Drive Leads In B2B Marketing via bizble

“Using information on page visits you can estimate the funnel stage of each of yours visitor, and then offer them appropriate content that pulls them through the funnel.”

Like we said, B2B isn't always our first thought when we hear “retargeting” This article explains how retargeting can be hard for B2B because there typically are not many site visits, but how you can make it work with 5 tips including segmenting by funnel stage and using email.


“retargeting can often provide significant benefits for B2B companies and in some cases even performs better than for retailers.”

Let's talk specifics. Retargeting for B2B is not only just as important as in B2C, but it is actually known to perform extremely well in these 4 categories: free trials, freemium products, lead generation, and lead nurturing. Check it out to see just how much retargeting can help your campaign especially with these 4 tools in your pocket!

7 B2B Creative Best Practices to Drive Higher Conversions via adroll

“Having a strong call to action (CTA) is crucial. . . we see 23% more clicks and 1.6x more conversions from ads with calls to action that promote a free trial or content download.”

Now that we know retargeting works incredibly well for B2B, let's figure out how to craft the best performing campaign we can. Here are 7 creative retargeting best practices to drive high conversions such as using a strong call-to-action and combatting creative fatigue.


Now you can only initiate retargeting and lead nurturing once you have a healthy lead flow. Start filling your marketing funnel with leads with The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, & Ideas.


Top 5 B2B Remarketing Mistakes via cloudkettle

“ B2B marketers think, “Oh well, you know, Facebook isn’t a B2B channel, so we shouldn’t be on there.” Which is crazy because 99% of digital advertising growth is coming from either Facebook or Google.”

What not to do!!! Retargeting for B2B can't reach its full potential if your strategy isn't well formulated. This helpful article outlines the top 5 most common mistakes in B2B marketing, such as only using standard channels and quitting early and how you can avoid them. Take this chance to learn from the mistakes of others and make your strategy bulletproof!

B2B Marketers Report Stronger Results From Retargeting Programs Tied To ABM, Segmented Campaigns via demandgenreport

"With an account-based approach, companies can identify the accounts that can have the biggest impact on their business and focus retargeting on those companies."

For those wanting to take the next step, this article is for you! Here we learn about how some big companies such as Trifacta and Capital One are retargeting based on an account specific basis to stay top of mind for their potential biggest accounts. Check it out to learn more about account based retargeting as well as different forms of retargeting and how they can work with your company's goals.




The Benefits of Retargeting for B2B: An Interview with Act-On Software Marketers via act on

“retargeting for B2B is all about providing the reminder that you exist, you should be considered, and you should be taken seriously when it’s time to make that purchase decision.”

This interview provides a play-by-play of how retargeting is actually implemented by Act On: the challenges they've faced, lessons they've learned (like not being discouraged by low CTRs), and why retargeting is an absolute must for B2B. If you are wondering about how retargeting works in the real world, here's your chance to see!



Case Study

7 Retargeting Case Studies That’ll Boost Your Current Campaigns via conversionxl (#4)

“Lead volume went up 81% despite a 30% PPC budget cut. . . Targeted influencer traffic increased 10%.”

Let's look at retargeting in action! Many companies have already implemented a retargeting strategy and are seeing tremendous results. This report discusses the positive results Lumension got from using integrated retargeting and the exact strategy used to achieve those outstanding results. Check it out to see how much retargeting could boost your numbers!

Now you can only initiate retargeting and lead nurturing once you have a healthy lead flow. Start filling your marketing funnel with leads with The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, & Ideas.

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