Has your company joined LinkedIn yet? If it hasn’t, it should. This growing platform is almost a must for every business these days-- big or small. (Especially if you’re looking to employ a strong inbound marketing strategy!)

LinkedIn allows your business to show the world what your company is all about while still maintaining professional integrity. You can even optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract viewers and market your company the right way.

Here’s a checklist of things you should be doing to boost your LinkedIn profile’s visibility:

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Establish a solid LinkedIn presence with a thorough profile.

Who wants to interact with a company who doesn’t even have an About section? Not many. Go the extra mile and fill in all of the sections possible on your company’s LinkedIn page. Be sure to repeatedly include a few certain buzzwords in your sections so that people searching those terms will easily find you.



Update your status.

As a company, you want to establish a strong relationship with those you are connected to. Status updates are a simple but useful way to keep those around you informed. This keeps your connections on the look out for your updates and categorizes your profile as an active profile (which will bring in more connections!) These updates can include timely business news, events that your company is hosting, or polls that are relevant to your viewers for market research.



Generate content.

Keep your profile up to date with blogs and content that is informative for your viewers. LinkedIn syndicates your blogs on your profile so that blogs written on your profile will be continuously updated with blog titles and link on your website. In addition to blogs, content can be put into PowerPoint form. LinkedIn has the ability to display presentations from Google Docs or Slide Share on your LinkedIn profile.


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Consider LinkedIn’s for purchase options.

Purchasing LinkedIn premium can help your business reach the next level. There are four options open for purchase on LinkedIn for different people with different purposes: business professionals, recruiters, job seekers, and sales professionals. 

The most useful for a company to purchase is the Business Premium plan. Within the business category, there are three different prices, which vary in the amount of access you receive on LinkedIn.

Upgrading your account gives your business the ability to search for people or companies based on company tier, company size, and individual titles. Specifying searches helps you find your exact target audience—to which you can then cater your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

 In addition, as a Business Premium user, you will be able to see most profiles on LinkedIn-- even those that are outside of your connections. This also includes access to see those who have viewed your company profile.



Create a campaign to set your profile apart from others.

A campaign can bring a consistent number of viewers back to your profile while also allowing them to interact with you. This campaign should put forth a relatable but also significant question in your business industry. You can share content from other prominent bloggers, but be sure to use blogs from your own company. Make sure to have several stimulating updates on your profile to keep your campaign going.

Linkedin should be only one platform in your social media strategy. Need advice and resources for optimizing it? Check out this article.



Use your company profile to create leads.

Attract people by offering them something before asking for anything back. Under products/services, give your viewers the option of downloading free demos or free ebooks. These marketing offers can range from a free consultation to sharing useable information to those who may be interested. Keep in contact with those who look into your services/products through LinkedIn message.



Reputation marketing on LinkedIn is golden.

The easiest way to up your LinkedIn profile’s marketing power is to ask your current customers to write company recommendations for you. These testimonials will appear directly on your page and help sway customers who are undecided in your favor.

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Originally published January 20, 2017, updated August 24, 2018
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