As an artisanal retailer of premium olive oil, We Olive had established brick-and-mortar stores and were looking to expand into online channels. Every year, they ran a special limited-time offer on a product called Olio Nuovo-- the season's first (and freshest) press of extra virgin olive oil.

The Challenge

While a hot and in-demand product for the small niche of We Olive's consumers, Olio Nuovo was simply an unfamiliar concept for most of the company's client base. Their original strategy involved hosting a two-week in-store sale event and sending invitations to their contacts with no context or educational element involved. With the help of Campaign Creators, We Olive was able to focus on filling their customer's educational gap and bring in a new flood of interest.

To allow customers to take full advantage of the Olio Nuovo event and product, We Olive began getting building excitement over a month in advance by offering an e-book along two distinct “routes.” This e-book served as the anchor of a focused funnel and promotional campaign, and offered readers the options of either pre-ordering the product online or going to the store during the actual event. The calls to action were thus appropriately customized for both versions of the e-book and delivered based on the visitor's path.





Focus on: Design-Driven Educational Content and E-book

The design of the entire e-book was centered around the quality of freshness, an important part of the value of the product itself. We made use of of a fresh, clean, and modern layout with ample white space and a color scheme based in earth tones. Small graphic elements of olive leaves were unintrusively placed throughout the book, and high-quality photography utilizing close shots was included to attract attention to detail (and stir up the customers' appetite!).

An overarching theme of the text content was the tying together of past and present, and we sought to support this with our graphic design elements. For this reason, we selected Sans Serif typography mixed with Serif to complement a classic and romantic base with more modern type.

One of the most detailed graphics outlines the farm-to-table process and timeline behind the creation of Olio Nuovo with simple and concise explanations with accompanying visuals.





Building the Campaign

During Campaign Creators' development of this funnel and campaign with We Olive, we utilized HubSpot Marketing, within which we made use of features including everything from emails, landing pages, workflows, and segmentation to campaigns, calls to action, tracking links, and analytics.

The text content of the e-book thoroughly explained the superior quality and exclusive nature of the product, balancing the main educational value with a personal introduction intended to evoke pathos.

A coupon was delivered alongside the content offer, and in the version designed to drive in-store sales, the download of the book triggered an email prompting the customer to come to a nearby store and use the coupon. This version also included a “find my store” call-to-action link on the final page of the book.

Click here to view in-store e-book

Click here to view online e-book



The Results

The metrics produced by our campaign speak for themselves. The company, a small franchise mostly operating on in-store purchases, was able to create online awareness and grow their database in the following ways:

13,138 website visitors via website popups

317 form fill contacts



8,355 visitors via landing pages

63 form fill contacts


49 form fills from Facebook Ads


Grand totals:

  • 21493 visits
  • 429 new contacts
  • In only ~3 weeks (Oct. 26- Nov. 18, 2016)

During this period of time we also saw an overall uptick in total traffic and sales as compared to the same time the previous year:

we-olive-sessions.png we-olive-revenues.png


To top our online metrics, every store reported record success at their Olio Nuovo events!

As a result of our partnership, We Olive has modified their marketing strategy toward creating an educational pathway first when launching a new campaign. E-books are a product pushed regularly on their website and in emails, as well as other content. The company has come recognize that even a short pathway requires an educational element. Even for informed customers, the material is able to delight with the inclusion of recipes in the books.

Watch the video below to hear We Olive's story directly from them.


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Originally published July 31, 2017, updated August 23, 2018
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