When you think about graphic design, you probably think of Photoshop, logos, or throwing some pictures and words on an ad and calling it a day. Believe it or not, graphic design is much more than that. Graphic design is problem solving. It’s making sure the viewer gets a clear message and understands what they’re looking at. When it comes to inbound marketing, there is a specific role for graphic design. Yes, the rumors are true, graphic designers and inbound specialists sometimes have clashing opinions on what content is necessary, but there are a few platforms in which graphic designers and inbound specialists go hand-in-hand.

 On the Web

Inbound marketers know what content is necessary for a site that converts. But if it were up to them, it would just be text and calls to action. Not that there’s anything wrong with this approach, but if the Mona Lisa were a stick figure, she probably wouldn’t have gotten much recognition. It was her elegance and beauty that made her world famous. It’s the attention to detail in her smug smile that keeps art-lovers coming back for more. There is a very specific process that marketers and graphic designers go through to produce a good-looking site that also converts.

Making a website that converts is easy if you have the right content; but graphic designers can help make it beautiful, just like the Mona Lisa. It starts with the marketing team who produces the copy. After a few rounds of grappling back and fourth, the designers and marketers eventually come to an agreement on what the site should contain.

Once design is done, it’s sent back to the marketers for approval. This is when the developers come to the party. A skilled development team works with both designers and marketers to create a site that not only has the perfect content and looks good, but also is functional and has a killer user interface. This triad is the perfect formula for a website with a high conversion rate.

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A well designed website isn’t the only factor in the formula for success. An inbound marketing specialist would highly recommend you provide “freebies” or downloadable deliverables to potential clients in order to raise interest and convert. These freebies could include e-books, info-graphics, etc.

After browsing your beautifully designed website, let’s say this potential client were to take that first step, and download your deliverable. How disappointing would it be if their e-book were just a white page with text on it? Your beautiful website drew them in, don’t scare them away with boring freebies. Instead, let a graphic designer get ahold of your deliverables and brand them accordingly. A company with brand consistency attracts loyal clients. Think of Nike or Hershey’s: both brands have remained consistent therefore they have retained loyal clientele.

It’s important to remember that your company’s success isn’t solely dependent on just a website and deliverables. There are multiple factors needed in order to attain success. Learn more about what inbound marketing is and find successful inbound marketing strategies here.

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