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What We're Talking About...Customer Generated Content for Ecommerce

What We're Talking About...Customer Generated Content for Ecommerce

Are you stuck wondering how to create content that appeals perfectly to your target audience?

Well, there's no better place to turn to than your own customers!

Customer-generated content is a powerful tool for eCommerce and an important tool to add to your eCommerce marketing arsenal because it uses your own customers content to drive sales and build brand credibility — saving you precious time and money! If you're able to engage customers and generate authentic content that is transparent, personalized, data-driven, and insightful, you will be leading your eCommerce businesses into digital success!

So if you're still on the fence about integrating customer-generated content into your marketing strategy, here's what we're talking about...



Is User-Generated Content the Future of E-Commerce? via Smart Insights

“Studies have found that ads containing UGC can achieve up to four-times higher click-through rates and a decrease in both cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition of 50%. There’s no definitive research on exactly why these ads are performing well, but most brands and researchers believe that it is because UGC helps avoid the automatic blinders many people have for online ads.”

eCommerce relies heavily on reviews, word of mouth, and social buzz, which is consumer-generated content in a nutshell! Plus, this article claims that it can improve your click-through rates! This resource is great starting point to learn all about the benefits of utilizing consumer-generated content for you eCommerce company.


The Top 3 Ways to Use User-Generated Content in eCommerce via HubSpot

“eCommerce store owners are challenged to build trust with site visitors and communicate the sense and feeling of tangible products through the barrier of a digital screen.”

Customer-generated content can be a great way to build relationships with your customers, increase the effectiveness of social ads, and boost visibility in search engine marketing. But how? Read this article to find out!


4 Tactics to Drive Traffic and Sales With User-Generated Content via Shopify

"UGC helps you drive more organic traffic because it improves your results in search engines. UGC is amazing for SEO because it gives search engines a constant stream of fresh, relevant content.”

This resource will help you use customer-generated content to drive organic traffic, and show you how to generatesocial traffic that actually converts!



2017 TurnTo Consumer Study: UGC and the Commerce Experience via TurnTo

“Consumers not only control many moments of the eCommerce experience, but they also control a lot of the content that shapes how others shop.”

Consumers in this 2017 study were asked how user-generated content impacts and influences their purchase decisions. Download this resource to explore what motivates customers and find out how customer-generated content shapes the shopping experience and builds a foundation for long-term engagement post-purchase.


Study: user generated videos complement professional videos via The American Genius

“While marketers may already be familiar with the effectiveness of professional video content alone, these results suggest that even greater returns can be had by combining their use with authentic, user-generated content.”

As digital marketers, we know that video is the future. So what if you could combine consumer-generated content with the powerful reach of video? This study, conducted by digital measuring firm ComScore and consumer video network EXPO, might convince you to collaborate with your videographer and strategize on how to add consumer-generated content to video.


45 User-Generated Content Marketing Strategies via YotPo

“A curated library of proven user-generated content marketing strategies for boosting traffic and sales, using real examples from real eCommerce businesses.”

This resource gives you 45 examples of real customer-generated content marketing strategies using examples from eCommerce businesses such as TOMS, Free People, and The North Face. Whether you're looking to boost conversion, drive traffic, or retain existing customers, this extensive study has an example for you to learn from.



Does UGC Really Increase Conversion In Your Industry? via YotPo

“Overall, across all industries, people who look at UGC are converting 161% more than people who are not looking at UGC.”

Wondering if consumer-generated content will work in your eCommcerce industry? This video analyzes data from 200,000 stores, looking at industries from apparel to electronics, to bring you the latest data on consumer-generated content in the eCommerce realm.


If you want to build a successful consumer-generated content campaign, you should first understand how to nurture leads properly. For help, download our ECommerce Lead Nurturing Guide

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Have you tried implementing customer-generated content into your eCommcerce marketing strategy? Tell us about it in the comments!

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