Hubspot recently launched their “Make My Persona” tool designed to simplify the persona building process. As we mentioned in a previous post, personas are “semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” These fictional representations help businesses better cater to their customers and ensure that their efforts are directed toward the right people.

With the launch of the Make My Persona tool, Hubspot has made persona building easier than ever before.

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How it Works

The Make My Persona tool walks you through a fill in form, starting with giving your persona a memorable name. Next, it allows you choose an image that most resembles your persona from a few stock photos.

The site then automatically directs you through a series of questions that identifies the basics about your persona. These include job title, duties, goals, and challenges. After completing the form and agreeing to the terms and conditions, Hubspot will send your newly created persona to you via email in a downloadable, editable word document!


The Benefits

This tool is a marketer’s dream-come-true. Instead of having to sort through piles of information, create basic profiles for a persona, and struggle with design, Hubspot pretty much does it all for you. Hubspot’s easy to follow form layout makes persona building a stress-free process. Under many of the questions, you are prompted with helpful tips and explanations that are essential for those not familiar with a persona format. Many of the questions identify important pieces of personas that are often overlooked, such as your persona’s aptitude towards social media use. 

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What We’re Looking Forward To

This tool’s recent launch has been very exciting. As Hubspot builds it out, we’re looking forward to a few features. 1) More pictures! Hubspot already has a good representation of possible persona pictures, but we’d love to see what other possible options they have up their sleeves. 2) Updates to the Word format! We love the downloadable word document format that Hubspot has decided on, and we can’t wait to see how they will change their formatting in the future to better accommodate large amounts of information.

Go check out Hubspot’s Make My Persona tool and tell us what you think about it. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts!

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Originally published February 25, 2015, updated May 24, 2019
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