As marketers we must accept that every time we reach out to our audience, whether through email, a social post, or an ad, we are interrupting them. But if you can clearly articulate why it is you’re interrupting them you can transition from interruption to transaction. How do you do this? By answering four simple questions.

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Here it goes - the four questions you must answer in any marketing message you send into the universe:

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1. Why now?

Why now? Why are you interrupting them at this moment? Maybe it's because you have an offer that's about to expire, or you have a sale or promotion that's going on right now. Is it because they recently bought something at a store of yours, or that they recently visited your website?

Perhaps it's near Valentine's Day, the Fourth of July, or your CEO's birthday. It doesn’t have to be life changing, its doesn't even have to make a ton of sense to be able answer the question, why now?


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2. Who Cares?    

Who cares? This means directly telling your target that what you have is for them and will get them to where they need to go. Think about who would be affected the most positively or negatively by having or not having your product or service. Then figure out how they self-identify and call them out.

If you're trying to sell artisan cheeses, you literally say “Hey Cheese Lovers - our artisan cheeses were aged just for you and you can use this coupon to make them yours today.”

If you are a software company and you are pushing an ebook on how to become more efficient using project management software. You could say “hey project managers, this is for you” but you may end up excluding people with other job titles who also manage projects, like operations or marketing managers, who could benefit from your software. Maybe you say instead, "this ebook will make anyone who manages projects with multiple team members more efficient."

So get down to what your target wants and needs, their pain points, and not necessarily what they’re called. 



3. Why Should They Care?

Why should they care? Why is this important to them? What does their life look like before your product? What does it look like after? If you can’t clearly articulate that then you’ve lost them and all you’re doing is talking about yourself at that point. Focus on the customer, they are the hero in the story, not your product.



4. How Can You Prove It?

This is the hardest question to answer. You have to back up all of your claims. You have to prove this will actually work for them! They need something concrete. Maybe it's customers' testimonials or review. Don't have any customers yet, use industry reports and statistics, news article. Anything unbiased and concrete to back up your claims.

So as a recap: whether it's an email, Facebook Ad, landing page or social media post, evaluate your message. Ask why now? who cares? why should they care? and how can you prove it?

If you want more lead generation tips, we've got 30 more for you in this free guide.


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