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San Diego Central HubSpot User Group (SDCHUG) April Launch Party

Hi there! Here at Campaign Creators, we want to thank all of those that joined us in helping celebrate the launch of SDCHUG....

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Topics: marketing tips, growth driven design, inbound education

What We're Talking About... Segmenting to Increase Conversion Rates

No one likes to be treated like just another face in the crowd. With this in mind, it's been proven that treating your...

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Topics: conversion rate optimization, lead nurturing, nurture marketing

What We're Talking About. . . Workflow Automation

We all know time is money. In fact, most businesses are deadline driven, which means that the faster tasks get done, the more...

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Topics: marketing automation, email nurture, marketing workflows

7 Signs You Need Help with Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, when executed efficiently and thoughtfully, is the difference between generating awareness and leads and...

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Integrate Referral and Loyalty Programs into a Marketing Strategy

Often marketing strategies focus so much on attracting and netting new customers, that it’s easy to forget about the ones you...

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Topics: B2B Marketing, lead nurturing, b2b lead generation

Blueprint for an Automated Lead Nurturing Campaign

As companies become adept at generating leads, the necessity for an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes more and more...

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Topics: marketing automation, lead nurturing, nurture marketing