Are you able to properly engage your customers - like really engage with them? If yes, are you doing that digitally? The disconnect between real life and internet definitely separates business from customer if your marketing strategies don't approach this problem correctly. So, what approach is best?

The solution comes from a strategy called conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is a one-to-one approach used to shorten sales cycles, learn about customers, and create a more human buying experience. Unable to be implemented as successfully before due to limited AI technology, this strategy utilizes improved AI capabilities to engage with customers, converse with them, and even help them via chatbots, personalized marketing emails and other channels. This is just a limited scope of what conversational marketing has to offer. 

So if you're further interested in conversational marketing, then here's what we're talking about...



Why Conversational Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing via Andy Mauro on LinkedIn

“If we both ask Siri a question we get the same answer because Siri is expected to know about everything and given the current technology we have she can’t personalize how she talks to each of us as individuals. However, if your branded AI only needs to know about say makeup and skincare (or handbags, shoes, jewellery, etc), there is a real opportunity to own that conversation and learn everything about it including how consumers want to be talked to as individuals.”

There's a correct way and an incorrect way to approach conversational marketing, especially in the digital industry. Andy Mauro explores the idea that conversational marketing can be very successful when the scope of discussion is narrow. Apple's Siri explores bot-to-human conversation in perhaps too broad of terms. When a customer can converse with a company, even through a bot, about a specific product they are interested in, and the bot can respond with in-depth, correct answers, then that company is personalizing and building an ongoing relationship with that customer. If you're interested in how conversational marketing outperforms other strategies in digital marketing, then make sure to read this article!


How AI is Streamlining Marketing and Sales via Harvard Business Review

“Now, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous algorithms are not only passing the Turing test every day but, more importantly, are making and saving money for the businesses that deploy them.”

Brad Power's article expands on the growing trend of conversational marketing using real life examples of companies including CenturyLink, RapidMiner and Epson, whom incorporated AI-based functions as part of their marketing initiatives. Though the AI didn't trick those it chatted with into thinking it was human, it was still a successful strategy which focused on helping solve customer and lead inquiries. Take a look at his article to see some of the data that these companies provided on their growth while using conversational marketing.


Conversational Marketing: The Art of Conversation via Business 2 Community

“Harnessing the power of inbound interaction further enhances the relationship between brands and consumers. Empowering both anonymous and authenticated users with a personalized experience through outbound and inbound channels (web, call centre, social, mobile, interactive devices) creates further reassurance that the consumer needs and interests are understood.” 

Establishing a dialogue between brands and consumers is important. It is important because consumers, now more than ever, want to be understood, and brands have the opportunity and ability to accommodate that interest. Conversational marketing seeks to solve this query through personalized, customized experiences for the consumer by reaching out through channels of communication. Explore this article more to see how Sam Ledger expands on why marketing is now a two-way conversation, reflecting a balance between action and reaction, and brands and consumers.



Conversational Marketing 101 via Drift on YouTube

Watch this introductory video by the conversational marketing company, Drift, and then explore their channel and the videos they have to offer. In this video, Drift gives you a quick breakdown of what exactly conversational marketing is and why it should matter to you. Drift is a B2B company that provides intelligent AI to market conversationally with chatbots or over email. Make sure to check it out!



Chatbots: What are they and how they can help your business via MarketingProfs

Chatbots are significant performers in conversational marketing. This infographic by Grazitti Interactive explores what exactly chatbots are, the pros and cons of using one, their ability to improve inbound and their effect on the customer experience, among other attributes. Make sure to look at the infographic for a brief introduction to chatbots and conversational marketing.


Now, that you've learned a bit about conversational marketing, you know that automation is a large part of it. Whether it be through chatbots, marketing emails, updating information, or another process, the function of these automations aims to conquer the lack of conversation in digital business. Better understand conversational marketing and marketing automation by reading your Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation.


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Originally published September 11, 2018, updated September 21, 2018
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