There are plenty of newbies in the world of inbound marketing. And even as a seasoned marketing veteran, you may still not be aware of the plethora of mobile apps that can aid you in your journey to become a better inbound marketing professional and eventually an expert. That's why we've assembled a list of mobile apps that you shouldn't leave home without. These apps will assist you in your day-to-day activities from business to pleasure as an inbound marketing professional.

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1. HubSpot

HubSpot's mobile app is your complete inbound marketing management platform. Access your data dashboard to stay on top of your analytics even when you're not in the office. Never lose a beat on your social media publishing and monitoring so you can engage with your audience around the clock. If your job requires you to analyze your website and campaign data consistently, HubSpot is right for you. Plus, they released an updated version in Oct 2016.


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2. Evernote

With the flurry of distractions pestering you like pesky mosquitos, there's Evernote to the rescue. Quit juggling your enormous task list. With Evernote's talk-to-text feature, streamline your writing process. The app is especially helpful if you're taking notes during conferences, webinars, or speeches. Afterwards, sync all of your notes to your computer automatically so you always have information on hand.  


3. Canva

Originally a website, Canva has amassed over 2 million members already. It's often referred to as "photoshop lite." It's a photo editing tool that enables you to create collages and whip up visual content in a cinch. As a free app (only available for iPad) it's quite the cost-effective tool.


4. TED

As a professional marketer, you need daily inspiration. TED brings together the right amount of information with an entertaining flair. Watch talks from some of the world's most interesting people. Choose from over 1,700 TEDTalks covering everything from motivation techniques to the power of startups.


5. Quora

Marketing requires an adept mind and a strong knack for research, especially when creating helpful content. Quora is an excellent tool for coming up with blog post ideas, headlines, and keeping up with trends. Quora users post questions and receive thoughtful answers from people with experience with the topic. Whether you want to learn about a topic or find out what questions people are asking, Quora is your one-stop shop.


6. DropBox

Want an easy way to host all of your files online and access them anytime you want? DropBox enables you to store, sync, and share files or folders online. Can't take your laptop with you everywhere you go? Store your videos, photos and documents on DropBox so you can access them anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Need to send in a document before a looming deadline? Easily share your files with collaborators.

These handy mobile apps give you the power to access invaluable information, create compelling content with it, post it online, and check back on how it's performing through analytics. Used in conjunction, these apps help any inbound marketing expert become a master.

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What are your favorite marketing apps? Let us know by commenting below and we just might add them to our list! 'The 7 Must Have Mobile Marketing Apps' has a nice ring to it ;)

Originally published December 29, 2015, updated August 27, 2018
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