The end goal for any business is to get customers to make a purchase. But for some company's, especially in the B2B world, its not so easy to make sales immediately. Before investing in your product or service, visitors may often want more information to make their decision. In fact, it is noted that 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. So not only do you have to make appealing content, you have to optimize social media campaigns, send out great emails, and made your website extremely user-friendly, all in attempt to entice visitors to read your content.

But what about the final step before they download your content—the landing page!? It's just as important to spend time on the landing page as all your other assets because that's where visitors finally make the decision to download your content. If you're landing page is appealing, that visitor is sure to become a lead! After all, you wouldn't want to spend all that time and money optimizing everything else only to lose leads at the last step, right?

If you want to know how to make the most effective landing pages starting at the basics, and some common mistakes to avoid, here's what we're talking about...

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10 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances At Conversion via. inboundrocket

“Even if you sent your traffic to a dedicated landing page, they ask their visitors for too many different things. Everything is shouting for attention. And with all these things screaming for attention, visitors tend to leave”

This article will tell you the mistakes to avoid so that you can learn them the easy way! From mistakes in the copy to design to CTA's this article will make sure you don't lose too many leads due to common mistakes.

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5 landing page optimization tips for better conversion via. smartinsights

“Remember you are trying to focus on one goal for this landing page, which is your CTA. You need to cut out as much distraction as possible so that the visitor can concentrate on the important things”

The way your landing page is set up can make a big difference to its conversion rates. This article goes over what a landing page is as well as its purpose before giving you 5 tips to make your landing pages turn into converting machines. Also comes with a nifty infographic on adding video to your landing pages to spruce them up.


Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from June 2017 via. leadpages

“The best landing pages use copy, design, and imagery to create a highly specific mood that springs from their brand and enhances their offer”

Creating a landing page isn't just about the pretty colors or the big CTA that stands out above everything else. It's about combining all the elements to create a unified theme and mood that relates to your brand and product. In this article you can see 10 examples of landing pages that effectively control the mood and create a theme based on the purpose of the page.


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Episode 41: 9 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate via. Digital Marketer

In this podcast you get 9 small and simple tricks that make a big difference. You'll learn the most overlooked landing page optimization tactic that works for all businesses, setting up personalized content, and a new way to score your landing pages.



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the 15-point landing page audit via. digitalmarketer

“With all of the Landing Page editors or themes you can use out there, it is REALLY easy to create Frankenstein’s monster without even knowing it—this will give you the process you need to avoid doing that”

This resource gives you a landing page scoring sheet that you can download to score your own pages, and teaches you exactly how to use the scoring guide. Additionally, you can see the scoring guide be put to action with examples of landing pages that they score using the same guide.



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How to Design & Optimize Landing Pages via. hubspot blog

“With the growing challenge of attracting and holding people’s attention online, it’s more important than ever to design your landing pages to trigger instant conversions.”

Landing pages are such an important part of marketing that it only makes sense to spend time optimizing them so that they properly nurture your leads into converting. This e-book goes over how to A/B test your pages, how to design optimized pages (with examples) and how to measure the success of the landing page.




Anatomy of a perfect landing page via. kissmetrics blog

“After you build your first landing page you must continually test variations to improve your conversion metrics”

Knowing what needs to go onto a landing page is a great place to start building one. Use this inforgraphic to see the components you need to add in and just where to put them, along with 10 helpful tips about copy and design to make sure your landing page has a good conversion rate, and which colors display certain moods.

Landing pages are definitely an important aspect of the conversion process and its very important to know how to optimize them to ensure you don't miss out on a lead at the last minute.

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