Hi guys, welcome to Episode 3 of Nick’s Ad Chat where we are discussing all things PPC.

Today I wanted to continue to talk to you guys about something that has been really relevant to us recently and that is Facebook Lead Ads. In my last episode I covered how to create a Facebook Lead Ad (if you missed that episode you can watch it now here). For those of you who don’t know what Lead Ads are, they are a type of ad you can select in Facebook Business Manager that allows you to capture leads without having to send them to an external landing page.

Today I will show you a way to integrate Lead Ads with your Automation software (in this case Hubspot) and make sure your leads are being captured and immediately entered into campaign workflows, lists, etc...wherever it is you need to them to go.

Great, so let’s hop onto Business Manager and take a look.

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How to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Automation 

Here are the steps to integrating your Lead Ad into Hubspot:

  1. Create a static list in Hubspot
  2. Open Zapier
  3. Click “Make a Zap”
  4. Select “Facebook Lead Ads”
  5. Connect your Facebook page - Lead Ad Form - as a trigger
  6. Connect your Hubspot Portal
  7. Create Contact
  8. Select your List
  9. Test! (to see if everything worked just go into your Hubspot list and see if the test contact is there). From there

Thanks for tuning into another episode of Nick’s Ad Chat. See you guys next time!

Let us know how you get on testing out these Facebook Lead Ads and integrating them with you MAP by commenting below.

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Originally published December 21, 2016, updated August 7, 2018
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