You would never go to a store and purchase something that you didn't see value in, right? That's pretty obvious. But how many times have other factors affected your purchase decisions, such as advertising, incredible deals, or maybe just conveniently placed items? Well, same goes for content used in marketing. Visitors will only download content if they see high value in it, but there are some ways to present your content to make the value higher or more obvious. Using certain keywords, certain formats, or even presenting content from unique viewpoints can magnify the value you offer.

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And the currency of the marketing world—contact information. In order for content to convert visitors into leads, it needs to be appealing enough to entice the visitor to trade their contact information for your download. The more visitors that can easily see how amazing your content is, the more conversions you will have. It's just a matter of learning how to manipulate content so that visitors perceive it as something they would trade information for.

If you think you could use some nifty tips to spruce up your content and generate more leads, here's what we're talking about...


Who Should Be in Charge of Producing Content via. convince & convert

“At PowerPost, each employee is tasked with writing upward of four content pieces a month. The content must be relevant, accurate, and offer a distinct point of view. And it’s this third point that has become an unintended (yet pleasant) surprise.”

Most of us have small teams doing a large portion of the writing and content production, but what are we missing out on? This article outlines how one company, PowerPost was able to integrate content production into the company's culture by making it a requirement for every employee. They've seen great successes for the company and for the employees.


We Asked Our Audience What They Really Think of PDF Ebooks: A HubSpot Experiment via. Hubspot Blog

“But as it turns out, our perceptions of what our audience actually values when they download out content were a little ... off.”

The appeal, or lack thereof, in your content, could be in something as simple as the format of the content. So, it becomes incredibly important to not only know what your target audience wants to read, but also how they want to read it. See how Hubspot's experiment gave them valuable information on making their content the most lead generating for their target persona.


seven cOntent types that will increase leads and conversions via. marketingprofs

“Visual and interactive content, in particular, can increase not only clickthrough rates (CTR) but also conversion rates for many marketing campaigns, whether email signups, clicks on links, or sales of your product.

Not every content you create will be equally engaging, some will be more and some will be less. But there are some types of content that are proven to be consistently the most engaging. This article goes over the 7 most engaging content types, what purpose they serve, and how to make them the best they can be.


How to Make Content Marketing Strategy More Effective With User Psychology via. coschedule blog

“It isn’t enough to simply test or utilize historical data to find out what motivates people. To create desirable products, we must leverage user psychology—a method of understanding the how and why consumers make decisions.”

This article goes over how to use consumer psychology concepts in the context of content marketing to make your content seem more desirable. Templates for writing compelling content, great visuals, and examples.


17 Trigger Words That Work Like Cheat Codes for Getting Your Content Read via. smartblogger

“How do you get more people to open your emails and click through to your content? The answer: you have to use the right words. Because certain words in the English language are dramatically more powerful than others”

A cheat sheet for all things writing! Content is most useful when it gets people to take the action you intended them to. The words in this article can be used to more effectively persuade people to click that CTA, subscribe, or whatever it is you want them to do.





12 productivity hacks to help you write faster via. marketingprofs

“And who among us isn't guilty of going down the occasional rabbit hole by pausing a project to research a specific piece of it? Rather than allowing that distraction, simply use a placeholder and come back to it later”

It's hard to generate any content at all, let alone content that visitors will find engaging and want to download. Yet content marketing is such an important part of today's marketing strategies. So that you can keep up with content demands, this infographic outlines 12 tips and tricks for you to write quickly and write well.

You can also check out our own Rules to Blog by to learn what it takes to write good blog content.




The #1Social Message Optimizer via. coschedule

Social media can be a very powerful tool to convert visits into leads, if the message captures people's attentions. Use this free online tool to optimize your social posts by platform to ensure higher engagement and click-through's so that your social posts achieve their purpose.

Content is definitely key to generating more leads for your company, but there's so much more you can do!


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Originally published July 12, 2017, updated August 28, 2017
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