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Customer Feedback Package for HubSpot - Product Video


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How This Product is Delivered
  1. Once you click Buy Now, you will be taken to a PayPal link to complete your payment.
  2. You’ll then be redirected to a landing page with directions on adding to your HubSpot portal.
  3. Once you provide us access, our Express Engineer will jump into your portal and take 3 hours to transfer and set up your email templates, landing pages, custom properties, forms, and completed Customer Feedback Survey workflow (with correct enrollments, if/then branches, and automated property associations!).
  4. We will email your Product Documentation that provides details on how to edit and use your new campaign assets.

Customer Feedback Package for HubSpot

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Product Type Customer Feedback (NPS) Package

Don’t know how to ask your customers for feedback? No worries, this customer feedback package will  seamlessly automate asking for and gathering valuable insights, and testimonials from your customers. Collect and leverage this data to measure the overall perception of your brand and/or services and to improve the overall customer experience.

Asking for customer feedback is  a leading indicator for growth as it provides the best baseline for understanding how your customers perceive your business. You’ll get a sense of what’s working and what needs more attention while communicating to your customers that their experience matters.

This package includes the complete setup to collect your customer' feedback, including workflows, email templates, forms, custom contact property creating, and implementation.

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Product Details
  • Assets Included: 1 Workflow, 1 Custom Feedback Email Module, 2 Email Templates, 3 Landing Pages, 3 Forms, 2 Custom Contact Properties
  • Software Requirements: HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional +
  • Delivery Time: Within one business day of receiving access to your portal





Quickly identify who your brand promoters are. You’ll be able to identify the customers that are likely to promote your brand and who would likely purchase from you again. These customers are more likely to engage in the feedback process and provide valuable customer testimonials.


Conversion Focused

Automate your customer feedback process. No more manual work reaching out to customers, this series will be completely automated and hands-off. Automate receiving testimonials, building online credibility and trust for products.



Fully built customized solutions to collect customer reviews and customer testimonials. Easy to edit and customize to your brand. If you don't have HubSpot Service Hub, don’t fret. This is a fully architected solution to collect customer feedback data from within the Marketing Hub.

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