Shelby's Story

Shelby was raised in Seattle, Washington (aka the capital of coffee), so you could say coffee is in her blood...and cup at all times. Since the Seattle rain was quite literally raining on her parade, she opted out to pursue an education in sunny San Diego where she ended up attending the University of San Diego. It was there that she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing 3.5 years later.

In the midst of her last year at USD, she applied for an internship at Campaign Creators and found a home in the digital marketing world. Being that she is online all the time...and is an avid Nordstrom shopper, she loves that she is now an influencing part of e-commerce on both the receiving and sending end. During her time at Campaign Creators she's grown to master email marketing as an intern, technologist, and now strategist for her clients. While her job can be challenging at times, she feels like she is learning something every day. The company's culture and her co-workers have made her experience at work that much sweeter.

When she's outside the office, you'll find Shelby working out at crossfit or on the shoreline playing beach volleyball. In 2018, it was her goal to hit all the breweries in San Diego, and while she's not too “hoppy” she didn't get to finish, she did make it to 100 so you can call her a local beer connoisseur. She loves spending time with her friends, watching netflix, and traveling the world. So far, she's been to 18 countries and counting. A fun fact people might not know about her is she LOVES Harry Potter, so much so that she rereads the entire series. every. summer.


  • Marketing Technology 
  • Account Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation


  • HubSpot Certifications (20)
  • BBA in Marketing from USD
  • Graduated in 3.5 years
  • HubSpot Certified Trainer