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We design irresistible content to attract and convert your leads

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Generate More, Quality Leads

We create guides, workbooks, checklist, and other types of assets that your visitors can’t resist. By designing a guide that targets your buyer personas, you’ll be able to utilize this new piece of content to generate new leads for any of your existing or new campaigns.

Get a leg up on the competition
Get a Leg Up On the Competition

By creating quality content that truly educates and informs your leads and customers, you’ll establish your brand as an authority figure in your industry. Your leads will also begin to build trust with you, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase with you once they’re fully informed and ready.

Save time (and money!) educating prospects
Save Time (and Money!) Educating Prospects

Sales teams spend a lot of time answering questions and explaining the value of their products/services to potential new prospects. By creating assets that provide this information, your sales team can spend less time educating and more time actually closing new deals.

Lead Magnet Options

Guides & EBooks

Educate your audience with an expertly written and custom designed guide or eBook. This content format allows you to share information from your company’s unique perspective. EBooks also establish thought leadership and align leads with your brand.


Help your leads with their pain points by offering a workbook. Deliver a baseline level of education that also provides an exercise, so your leads can actively work through their unique problems. These downloadable workbooks allow your leads to develop their own custom results based on your methodologies.


Show your visitors the steps needed to complete a process or project with a checklist. A list can help leads learn the tasks needed to complete a project, determine what stage they are at in a process, or aid in accountability. Both seasoned professionals and those new to the topic find benefit with this type of content.

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We Olive needed help generating more leads online

We Olive, originally a brick a mortar only retailer, began expanding their marketing online and needed help generating new leads. Campaign Creators created a beautifully designed eBook that educated We Olive’s visitors about the value of their extra virgin olive oil. After launching this new lead magnet, We Olive saw their email list double, and later saw their online sales increase by 30%.

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We Olive Case Study
“Campaign Creators created an infographic that showed the growth in the brewery industry and how that tied into the product that we offered...They were really able to target the infographic to the personas we were trying to attract.”
Jim Cerra
Founder & CEO, PlanetTogether

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