Jesse's Story

Jesse grew up in Torrance, California, but at 13 made the move to be with his whole family where it’s “always sunny in Philadelphia”. As you can imagine, he has strong family roots in the east coast (with even stronger accents). He’s always been interested in politics and after high school worked as a legislator for a member of the House of Representatives. It was his experience there that kickstarted his fascination for campaign polling and data. This interest, with the desire to be practical, led him to graduate with a dual degree in Business Marketing and Political Science from the College of New Jersey.

After he graduated college he worked as a campaign manager where he was first introduced to the power of digital marketing. He began learning the ropes and found he was able to out raise and increase engagement at campaign events because of digital marketing. This power of taking complex ideas and making them simple, digestible, receivable, and invoking an action helped win their election and land him a position as chief of staff for the legislator. Soon after, he started his own company based out of Chicago and found his way back to the west coast. Desiring more out of remote work-life and wanting to purse business full-time, he reached out to Campaign Creators and the rest is history. One of Jesse’s favorite things about working here (aside from tangible results) is the sense of camaraderie and familial community we have- everyone has their own experiences, tendencies, and it somehow melts into this pot that works.

When Jesse isn’t hiking, at the beach, or writing, he’s cooking up a mean meal here at the office. He’s a traveler and avid coffee drinker (like most of his co-workers) and grew up being very active in football, lacrosse, and baseball. He likes the idea of beer more than beer itself, but won’t ever turn down some tequila. Something you may not know about Jesse is he has moved somewhere new every couple of years, at one-point living in just about neighborhood in Los Angeles...for better or for worse.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Account Management
  • B2B Sales
  • Organizational Leadership

battles won

  • HubSpot Certifications (12)
  • Bachelors of Science in Political Science & Business Marketing
  • Youngest Chief of Staff in NJ
  • Super Bowl 52 Champion Philadelphia Eagles Fan