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Wild for Salmon is a business made up of experienced Alaskan fishermen that promote healthy eating through superior quality seafood.

Raw Salmon

Increase in revenue in 3 months.


Increase in email click-through rate.


Increase in contact database.

Wild for Salmon Logo
Food & Beverage, ECommerce
HubSpot, JustUno, Shopify, Google Analytics, Hotjar
Services Used
Ecommerce Marketing, HubSpot Setup, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Website Optimization, SEO, CRO

The Challenge

Wild for Salmon, an eCommerce retailer of premium, wild-caught, sustainable seafood, was unmoored when it came to eCommerce marketing, and their online business lacked sustainable growth. While they’d seen success selling their products at local farmer's markets (who doesn’t appreciate the amazing flavor of wild seafood?), their online eCommerce sales were sub-par.

They lacked email strategy and lead nurture campaigns for retargeting and remarketing to potential customers, their sparse online visibility resulted in low inflows of organic traffic, and their underdeveloped desktop and mobile website experience was driving online visitors away. What’s more? Their messaging just wasn’t resonating with their target audience.

At the time, Wild for Salmon was fairly new to their HubSpot platform, and so they weren't sure how to utilize the software's automation capabilities to its fullest potential.

While COVID-19 brought new demand for purchasing salmon online, the company wasn't sure if their current marketing ecosystem could support this surge.

They were looking to set sail with an eCommerce marketing agency that would:

  • Deliver new revenue streams
  • Boost online sales for new and returning customers
  • Generate leads
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Drive-up email engagement
  • Connect with prospects
  • Improve the user experience overall

A tall order, sure, but as eCommerce marketing buffs, the Campaign Creators team was up to the challenge. Ahoy!

At Wild for Salmon we struggled to find the resources we needed to take our online sales channel to the next level.  After multiple failed attempts to hire a Digital Marketing Manager in house,  we realized that the only way to get the support we needed was to partner with an outside agency.   Campaign Creators has become the key partner Wild for Salmon needed to take its growth to the next level.

- Bob Drogan, Director of Operations for Wild for Salmon


The Goal

In order to meet Wild for Salmon’s eCommerce goals, Campaign Creators developed a holistic marketing strategy that optimized the entire customer journey, from initial visit to final sale. This included an immediate focus on quality lead generation, email automation, optimization for search engines, and refreshing the website user experience. Beyond streamlining Wild for Salmon’s visibility and sales process, they were in dire need of increasing the amount of touchpoints with their target market. 

To gauge the success of these goals, Wild for Salmon honed in on the following KPIs:

  • Revenue
  • Organic Traffic
  • Abandoned Cart Rate
  • Customer Acquisition


The Solution

Campaign Creators provided Wild for Salmon an eCommerce marketing plan that would help them set sail in the wide-open ocean of online seafood sales. 

Introducing Wild for Salmon to a proper CRM setup with HubSpot laid the foreground for better organization, and better support of their database and niche business needs. In the midst of their CRM setup, Campaign Creators wasted no time developing their marketing strategy. Revamping current lead nurturing campaigns (like their abandoned cart and re-engagement campaign), launching new campaigns (such as their mini email series, welcome series, post-purchase campaign, and retargeting campaign), and building a community of newsletter subscribers, was more promising for success upon refining Wild for Salmon’s buyer personas. 

Campaign Creators then focused their attention on SEO. A strong content strategy would help Wild for Salmon speak to the right people, at the right time, and capture visitors in a natural, organic way. Between two blog outlines a month, loaded with keyword research and topical relevance, Wild for Salmon was well-equipped to set out on their new marketing journey. 

Before they could sail peacefully, Campaign Creators had to tackle one more task: How did Wild for Salmon plan to handle all this new traffic? A conversion-focused eCommerce website was Wild for Salmon’s ticket to turning mere visibility into actual conversions. Campaign Creators created an opportunity for visitors to receive product incentives via engagement with the Wild for Salmon site. This included an incentive to receive exclusive offers through monthly newsletters, an exit-intent pop-up, a gamified pop-up (spin the discount wheel in exchange for an email), and a user-focused checkout experience. 

The Wild for Salmon team was excited by their immediate growth, but was concerned about staying true to their unique brand voice. Along the way, Campaign Creators worked with Wild for Salmon to establish their brand voice, understand their tone, and define their key messages. With that guiding our work, the team at Campaign Creators was able to hone in on Wild for Salmon’s unique value propositions and keep their overarching brand positioning as authentic as possible.

The value their team provides would be impossible for a small company like Wild for Salmon to afford in house. After working with several smaller local marketing agencies, it's been a huge relief to work with a group that provides a level of professionalism and focus on results that's not easy to find.

Our weekly meeting with our project manager has made all the difference in keeping our marketing efforts on track and delivering results. 

- Bob Drogan, Director of Operations for Wild for Salmon


The Results

Campaign Creators’ continued effort helped Wild for Salmon meet and exceed their four KPIs. Their new marketing strategy is responsible for 35% of Wild for Salmon’s overall yearly revenue as a business, which was generated in just three and a half months. 

In the 3 months working together, Campaign Creators helped account for 63% of their generated revenue within that period

The mini email series was pivotal in Wild for Salmon’s immediate success. Proper messaging and incentives brought their abandoned cart rate down 18.53%. Attention was growing, and consumers were listening. Their email series generated $161,669.27 in influenced revenue, leaving Wild for Salmon with a total of 7,480 influenced contacts, and 959 closed deals. 

SEO was also a key element in helping Wild for Salmon reach their community, gain contacts organically, and generate extra revenue. Organic traffic increased 58.24% from March to May compared to the previous three month period. SEO alone was able to generate $205,298.87 in influenced revenue, with 9,607 influenced contacts, and 1,263 closed deals

Updating the user interface on Wild for Salmon’s website was the last piece in the marketing puzzle. 3 months after launching a gamified pop-up on their site’s homepage, Wild for Salmon collected 948 emails, building their database, and enrolled those new contacts into a welcome series campaign that generated $25,572.32 in influenced revenue

What the Wild for Salmon team learned quickly is that you can grow as a business and still maintain that “family feel.” For Wild for Salmon, the quality of their product speaks for itself: it’s sustainable, it’s wild-caught and it’s delicious; all Campaign Creators had to do was build the marketing boat, and their revenue set sail. 

Most marketing groups will claim that they are one stop shop for all your needs - Campaign Creators delivers.

It's refreshing to be able to turn over managing our making campaigns and know that we don't have to worry about keeping track of all the details.  From the detailed meeting minutes, to the action item list at the end of every meeting,  our team at Campaign Creators has us covered.

- Bob Drogan, Director of Operations for Wild for Salmon

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