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Customer Success Story

This retail conversion software company struggled with brand awareness and nurturing leads

This retail conversion software company supports companies by providing reports and organizing consumer traffic analytics, setting up marketing, sales and customer service teams for success.


Increase in Email Traffic


Customer Conversion Rate from Organic Search


MoFu Asset Submission Rate

B2B, SaaS, Retail Conversion Software
Services Used
Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The Challenge

This retail conversion software company suffered a similar problem that software providers often experience, that their brand awareness wasn't as strong as it could have been, in part because their focus was more on software development. Thus, traffic to their website suffered and conversions were less than what was desired.

Furthermore, the reasons why the client didn't focus on developing a stronger awareness and bottom-line conversion strategy was because they had neither the time, skill, strategy nor technology. Because of these issues, nurturing and conversion paths on their website were lacking. Leads only faced difficult journeys to convert into sales or try the business's product demos.


The Goal

Facing the challenge of having poor website traffic and bottom-line conversion rates, this retail conversion software company sought to spread awareness and create nurturing pipelines for leads to follow to become successful sales.

These goals would help drive retailers and manufacturers to choose this retail conversion software company's business over competitors while still providing valuable insights into customer purchasing behavior as well as by helping manufacturers increase conversions.


The Solution

How did this retail conversion software company's goals become reality? Well, the solution for this client began with an SEO Audit of their website. Optimizing their website for search engines included strategizing using cluster topics, keywords, and phrases following, to increase search engine rankings as well as keep website visitors on-page longer, due to being able to find content tailored for their needs.

Next came two separate Lead Nurturing Campaigns, built to nurture leads into purchasing the retail conversion software company's product as well as re-engage with contacts that fell out of their sales funnel. Total included content and assets as part of these two lead nurturing campaigns, were:

  • 18 Emails;
  • 3 Landing Pages;
  • 2 Thank You Pages; and
  • 6 Workflows.

So that these two lead nurturing campaigns would convert more leads into sales, a Conversion Rate Optimization Retainer was used to test and optimize email and landing page content.

Additional to these two full-fledged lead nurturing campaigns, a simpler strategy was designed for two other product campaigns so that the retail conversion software company could see similar success.

Lastly, Campaign Creators assisted the retail conversion software company in creating twenty account-based marketing (ABM) emails for cross-selling/up-selling, to grow their client's accounts.


The Results

The timeline, of this retail conversion software company working together with Campaign Creators, spanned six months. But, by the end of strategizing and optimizing the client's marketing campaigns, they saw the success originally sought after.

First, tracking how search engine optimization (SEO) helped this client's business, organic search contributed 7.08% to bottom-line customer conversion rates.

Additionally, email became an important marketing channel for this retail conversion software to engage with its clients, contacts and leads over, and when email traffic increased to 61%, more conversions followed. In fact, email, as part of one of their lead nurturing campaigns, helped drive traffic to one of their middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) assets, increasing submission rates by 21%. Additionally, their collective emails' click-through-rates rose to 5x the industry average.

In the time frame of working with Campaign Creators, this retail conversion software company gained 58 customers.

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